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Just wanted to say hello to my fellow over 35'ers - I'm currently 42. USMC 84-93, Wife, two daughters. Work out from 5 to 6 AM, 4 days a week. IT professional, Corporate Troubleshooter. Looking to get stronger, more powerful, and lose the fat around my middle. Working out solo, so no spotter. Mix each week, free weights, cables, machines.

The user name is my new motto - What Would Conan Do in Long Island, New York?


You've come to the right place. Welcome aboard.



If some guy from Utah asks if you're doing "5/3/1", just reply "Yes" and there won't be any trouble (probably).


south shore or North shore?

welcome lots of people to be inspired by..
just watch out for the gear whores,
they want to come to gym with like 25 of their friends to help each other bench....


Oh, and here's your glass of Kool-Aid...


Who are you calling a whore? Your just jealous because we have friends. Okay, some of them are imaginary but it doesn't matter.

Welcome. Also you don't have to do 5/3/1 if you don't want to.


Welcome. Sure you'll enjoy it here. You a Johnson?


It's okay, though. You, at least, get to pick your own flavor of Kool-aid.

Harry, did you just ask him if he was a ....nah!? Surely not...


Oops, does read that way, Skip. How's this, "based on your avatar's depiction of the Scots motto for the surname Johnson, and several others, I inquired if that may in fact be your last name". See, I cans talk all pretty.


Lol. Actually, you are a very adept wordsmith. No one can convey a story like you can.


(Knocking on door at 6 a.m. on a Saturday dressed in a suit with a smile on my face...)

Hey! Welcome friend!! Soooooo... have you heard the word of Wendler or of the 5/3/1 neighbour? No? Mind if I step in for a sec and tell you the glorious news...?


Though she is pretty and quite strong you should not listen to Julie.

You DO have to do 5/3/1 or you will be driven from the tribe.

Welcome to the fold.


OK - South Shore, actually more central - Deer Park, to be exact.

Johnston, of the Johnstone ilk. My Tartan is more blue green than yours.

Been lurking for a while, and it's nice to see some familiar avatars. Thanks for all the kind words.


Welcome Brother.

I'm just about to taste the 5/3/1 Kool aid myself but I am not going to buy the Jim Wendler commemorative Lunch Box.....


Seconding what she said.


Welcome. Gear whores, 5/3/1 junkies, olympic lifters, track and field superstars....its all here. Looking forward to reading a workout.


There. Y'all went and runned him off.

Gearwhores, meatheads, and cannibals ( who has yet to weigh in here) that's what we got here.

Oh and cross-dressers who throw really heavy shit for bling.




Highland games just an excuse for grown men to wear a dress.....

***Ducks head waiting for Heavy and Harry to throw a Pole at him or sumthing....


"...throw a pole..." Let's not let this wander off-topic now!!!! :slight_smile:



you really have to do 5/3/1. seriously. We have a secret handshake and everything.

What was your MOS in our beloved corps?

Old Lardass