I just wanted to finally take the time to introduce myself to everyone.Ive been lurking for a while.
My name is Lonnie.Im Jimmy T’s Brother in law.(Just in case some of you were wondering about my first post- Texas state champions).Im 46.Coming back from a 7-8 year lay off.

Just a little background:I was born at 6 months,I weighed just over 2 pounds.As a consequence I got a mild case of cerebral palsy.Back then,Polio was still around and the vaccine wasnt as good as it is to day.So between my first and second shot I got a mild case of polio.Also there were some birth defects in my low back/hip aerea.
When I was about 38 I blew out my low back at work.Ill never be right.

About a year after that I was changing a tire and I was using my shoulder to compensate for my low back and I heard a pop.Already had on surgery,they want to do another,just not sure I want to do it.
Because of the back/neck problems I was taking a lot of pain killers,I started having intestinal problems.Wound up needing a Colon resection.For the past 5 years it was a revolving door at the hospital.I didnt have insurance so the doctors wouldnt fix it just sent me home.There at the last its was send me home to die.My Sister got a job at a hospital,and got one of the Doctors to do the sugery for me back in November.

I felt so much better I was able to start lifting light in late Feb early March.Since then Ive put 100 pounds on my bench(I just hit 305!),Squated 315 for 10(although my depth still has some issues)not sure where my pull is I havent done it in a while,last time I hit 315 for a double.I have been training my low back so well see.
So thanx for all the help Ive already gotten,and I look forward to a lot more.

Welcome. Great how you’ve overcome. Makes lifting again even sweeter. Just knowin Jimmy T gives you a lot of creds with me. No tag teamin allowed though.

I saved this thread to my favorites, to look at and remind myself to stfu and soldier on when I think I’m having a hard time.

Way to come back, my friend!

Thank you for your post. With tears in my eyes, it just occurred to me my life isn’t as tough as I thought it was.
Welcome, welcome, I’m glad you’re here too.

Wow guys,I never thought my story would make a difference to anyone.Thanx for the feed back!I just keep trying,although I never seem to get where I want to go…But thats another story.Its like Jimmy T says TRAIN HARD!

You’ve overcome a lot, glad you didn’t die when they sent you home.

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Hey, Lonnie! Welcome to the group! That’s a great story. Keep rocking.

Your a stand up guy Lonnie!!!Nice work today.

Great to have you aboard. Looking forward to following your progress. As you’ve already seen there’s a lot of support here.

OK Lonnie its time to post your training!Just a little reminder we are squating and daedlifting on monday. JT

Good work on the comeback mate, you’ve done a hell of a job and your numbers are very impressive, regardless of history.

Welcome Bro! Stay Strong hit it hard!

Dang CW! Thats some thickness! Looking forward to Monday. I still need some help on my squat the master (JT) will be there to guide me to the other side…

Duke thanx for the uplift! You guys have thoroughly touched me with you support.

Will be checking in tomorrow night to see how the squats went.

Ok guys.Here it is in all its UGLY. Squat 135 (nice) for 12, went to 205 so Jimmy could see whats up. Turns out my shoes are wrong causing my feet to roll to the out side and leaning me forward. At that point I decided not to worry about depth (football squats form there) went to 225 for 8, 315 for 6, 375 for 5, 405 for 3.
Needless to say I need help in my depth.
Dead lift: 135 for 8, 225 for 6, 315 for 3, 375 for 3, 405 for 1.
Leg curls.

Heres where it gets interesting. Come to find out this is were my real prob is in my squat. I can move the weight but I cant pull it far enough. I even went down in weight to were my son is (Hes thin and 148) and still couldnt curl it right. now I know where my prob is just have to figure a way to train my Hams at home. I dont have a Leg curl machine at home(yet).
Platform dead lifts: 2 sets 315 for 5.
Toe raises: 2 sets 290 for 40.
There it is. God Bless Lonnie

I have some fun exercises for you Brother.I was thinking about some straight leg deads and partials as well.What do you think?Maybe its time to add the leg curl machine tio our home gym! JT

Benched today. I didnt have a spot so I couldnt get heavy.I decided to rep out.

Flat:135 x 3 x 20, 1 x 15, 1 x 13, 1 x 12 for a total of 100 reps.

Incline DB:35 x 3 x 20

Military:Bar x 2 x 30

Press behind neck:Bar x 2 x 30

Needles to say Im wiped out.
God Bless Lonnie

Nothing UGLY about your squat day. Squat 405x3 and dead 405x1…pretty damn good.