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Introduction to the Forum

Hey everyone!

Just thought I would introduce myself to the forum. I have always been keen into sports - I used to be a swimmer from a young age. However, I am now training to do my first marathon in October (all being well) and would just like to speak to like minded people!

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I was nice to that last guy who introduced himself and he turned out to be a kook.

So hi. That’s it. No nice-nice. :joy:

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You’re going to have to be more specific … we’re all a bit kooky in here man … you more than most hahaha

That one guy who swore that he wasn’t his brother, who was using his account and talked a bunch of smack, and wasn’t trying to be an Instagram model and needed to lose a bunch of weight but knew a lot about fitness and blew his nuts to smithereens with decaduraballsackblasterbolan.

Or something.


Welcome to the nuthouse!