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Introduction to the Forum

Hey everyone!

Just thought I would introduce myself to the forum. I have always been keen into sports - I used to be a swimmer from a young age. However, I am now training to do my first marathon in October (all being well) and would just like to speak to like minded people!

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I was nice to that last guy who introduced himself and he turned out to be a kook.

So hi. That’s it. No nice-nice. :joy:

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You’re going to have to be more specific … we’re all a bit kooky in here man … you more than most hahaha

That one guy who swore that he wasn’t his brother, who was using his account and talked a bunch of smack, and wasn’t trying to be an Instagram model and needed to lose a bunch of weight but knew a lot about fitness and blew his nuts to smithereens with decaduraballsackblasterbolan.

Or something.


Welcome to the nuthouse!



Thanks for the welcomes everybody!

How does everyone keep their muscles in good shape after exercising?


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I’d say nutrition is the most important factor. Assuming you have a decently balanced diet, possibly the most useful supplement would be BCAAs. There are a lot of threads in the appropriate forums which cover that for specific types of training in considerable detail.

Flexing for selfies!


Could you clarification what your specifically meaning exactly? I believe the way you have it written might cause confusion in what your asking about.

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