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Introduction to Knee Sleeves?

Good to see they got APT to cover their own badges with EFS ones!

I had pair of EFS knee sleeves, but lost them at gym. EFS sucks shit for shipping IMO and fucked up my previous order, as such I’m gonna order elsewhere, however am wondering if anyone has experience with both. I’m looking for sleeve that is similar in support. Anyone try the apt convict SINGLE ply knee sleeves, those seem like they would be similar, but I’m not sure.

I have the single ply convict knee sleeves, I like them a lot, and they definitely keep the knees warm. I am 5’9" and just shy of 210, so I went with the next size up, rated for 211-235 or something like that. Think that’s xl, but anyway I couldn’t imagine getting my correct size on. At the time I was about 200, and even then they were pretty tight