Introduction and What I'm Doing

just wanted to thank everybody for their input/feedback here…it’s been the kick in the pants that i needed for a little while now

i have had a number of life events these past few years that have combined to derail my plans…i stopped paying attn to the details and instead was just blindly going through the motions

Chris, re: lifting in the cold, i’m keeping my bar in the house until just before i go out to lift…doesn’t take away the cold but does make handling the bar more comfortable than leaving it in the garage all night/day…living in Colo i’m well trained in layers…the cold definitely adds a new layer of “fun” to everything…haha

thanks, everybody

[quote]ErikM wrote:
i’m constantly struggling with my self-image…i keep seeing the person i was and not accepting where i am now[/quote]
I’d bet good money that a fair number of people on this site, whether they say it out loud or not, regularly feel something pretty similar. Don’t worry. Build healthy lifestyle habits, track reliable measurements/photos along the way, and keep momentum going along the way.

At your height, I’d say 180-190ish and kinda lean would be a great mid-to-long term goal to shoot for.

Agreed. And just to consider, something that flipped a switch in my own long-term strength goal setting was to think in terms of weight for reps, not “just” max weight. As in, I set personal goals to hit X weight for 10 reps in one exercise, Y weight for 10 reps in another exercise, etc. The line of thinking that focusing just on hitting a heavy 1-rep max doesn’t, in my mind, payoff in risk:reward since I don’t plan on competing in anything. There’s more carryover to physique and “real world strength” in shooting for heavy rep work. Just something to think about.

Focus on this. Good stuff. I get that the non-schedule of weekends can make things tougher, but do the best you can by planning during the week and trying to have some kind of regularity on the weekends, even if it’s “4-egg omelet with broccoli for breakfast every Sunday” or whatever. This Dan John article had some more good info on planning a schedule:

Yep, these are two hugely important concepts with 5/3/1.

Ha, that’ll work. And carrying the bar outside is a built-in warm-up. :wink:

Your cals are WAY too low. Calculate the amount of calories you’d eat before you started the diet, then subtract 300-500 cals from that. Assuming you were around 3000, you’d cut at 2500. 1700 is too low, almost unhealthy for someone your weight and size.

As for strength training, if you’re looking to put on muscle mass, find a program and stick to it. Nothing is worse than being a program hopper. Since you’re a beginner, you’ll get results no matter what you do, just be consistent. Make sure you’re in the gym when you’re supposed to be, and eating what you’re supposed to eat. As for cardio, I’d suggest starting out at 3 sessions of cardio per week. HIIT ideally but if you’re not comfortable doing that then longer, more steady cardio works as well.