Introduction and Future Plans

Body Type: Ectomorph
Age: 20
Height: 5�??11�??
Weight 195lbs
BF: 15% or so.

Goals: Dirty bulk to 220-230lbs and increase bench/deadlift/squat as much as humanly possible. After bulking maintain weight for a short period of time and then cut down to 200lbs or so.

My story! (Sorry for the long read)
Only two years ago I was 135lbs and could disappear if I turned sideways. I have always been physically active, growing up I played Soccer, Lacrosse, and a few other sports. I went to the gym regularly but rarely touched weights and when I did the focus in lifting them was to improve my endurance on the field. However after high school I quit playing all organized sports and didn�??t do much physical activity for awhile.

It was about two years ago now that I started lifting weights with the goal of trying to increase my size. I went from 135lbs to 175lbs in roughly ten months. I hit a plateau at this weight and stayed around 175-180lbs for a few months. At this point in time my knowledge of weight training, diet, and exercises was very limited.

Luckily however I met a guy who was very into weight training and body building. He tipped me off on T-Nation and at any given time you could find me reading something from the website. I took what I learned from T-Nation and applied it to my training and diet. I increased my calorie intake and switched up my training style. Finally after what had seemed like an eternity my weight was steadily increasing again. I managed to get my weight just shy of 190lbs and all my lifts increased significantly.

Unfortunately shortly after reaching this weight and level of strength I got into a serious relationship and injured my lower back. I decided it would be a good idea at this point to take a little time off. However my plan to take a little time off turned into about seven months off. In this time off I achieved a new personal best, 193lbs with one big ass gut. Just as summer was ending my fat ass backed packed around Europe for a month and came home 9lbs lighter, and without a girlfriend. It was at this point I decided to get back to weight lifting.

I have now been lifting religiously again for 4 months. When I started back at the gym it was pathetic at best. I lost a lot of weight quickly, but then started to put it back on quickly. My lifts where about the same as they where when I weighted 135lbs! Thank god for muscle memory, my lifts are now all better than they where when I quit lifting. I have been busting my ass in the gym as hard as possible and sticking to my programs fanatically.

My training schedule currently is as follows. Before this program I spent a month doing full body workouts then after that went to a split program.

Incline Bench DB 4sets 6-8reps 5-0-1-0tempo
Chin Ups 4sets 6-8reps 5-0-1-0tempo
Declined Bench BB 4sets 6-8reps 5-0-1-0tempo
Underhand BB Row 4sets 6-8reps 5-0-1-0tempo
Neutral Grip DB Press 3sets 6-8reps 5-0-1-0tempo
1 Arm DP Row 3sets 6-8reps 4-0-1-0tempo

Deadlifts 4sets 6-8reps 4-0-1-0tempo
BB Lunges 4sets 6-8reps 2-0-1-0tempo
Goodmornings 4sets 6-8reps 5-0-1-0tempo
Leg Press 4sets 6-8reps 5-0-1-0tempo
Leg Press Calf Raises 4sets 8-10reps 4-0-1-0tempo

Weighted Dips 4sets 6-8reps 5-0-1-0tempo
Preacher Curl 4sets 6-8reps 5-0-1-0tempo
Close Grip BB Bench 4sets 6-8reps 5-0-1-0tempo
DB Curl 4sets 6-8reps 5-0-1-0tempo
BB Wrist Curls 3sets 8-10reps 3-0-1-0tempo
Reverse BB Wrist Curls 3sets 8-10reps 3-0-1-0tempo

DB Shoulder Press 4sets 6-8reps 3-0-1-0tempo
DB External Rotation 4sets 8-10reps 3-0-1-0tempo
45�? V Raises 4sets 8-10reps 2-0-1-1tempo
Rope Pull 2 Neck 4sets 8-10reps 3-0-1-0tempo
DP Pull Over 4sets 8-10reps 4-0-1-0tempo

During the weekends I do about 20minutes low intensity cardio and various core work.

My diet at the moment is non existent. I do my best to get a bare minimum of 3000kcals a day. When I bulk I am going to be shooting for a minimum of 5000kcals a day and at least 250g of protein. As for supplements I will use creatine monohydrate, fish oils, whey protein, weight gainer (lots of it), multi vitamins, and possibly BCAAs. I am not concerned where my calories come from so much as if I get them. As for training my program will resemble the one I am currently using. My focus will be on all heavy compound lifts.

Please leave as much feedback as possible, I plan on starting this bulk some time this month. Just depends when I will have all the money I need for supplements.



So you’re going to lift weights and be fat and unhealthy?

Good for you.

Why not choose a program and diet from this site and not “dirty bulk?” Why not look good while you get big?

Looks like an excuse to pigout. I should buy a pizza franchise in Alberta.