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Introduction and Advice

Just wanted to introduce myself before I started asking questions. I’m almost 21, played football in high school and just recently got back into working out. I gained about 20 lbs. of fat in college and weighed 220. I’ve been dieting and lifting since July of 2004 and I’m now at 171 down from 220. I did lots of cardio when i first started in July and then kind of did a 6 week “bulk” phase (which wasn’t that good because I didn’t eat the right stuff and enough of it) and I’ve been cutting for the past 4 weeks.

My question is should i keep cutting or do another bulk phase. I’m going on a cuise in 22 weeks (may 6th, 2005) and would like to look pretty ripped. Is this possible, i have a feeling i’m expecting too much, I would def settle for Lean and muscular. I just want to be comfortable with my shirt off. I thought Christian Thibaudeau’s Mutation Program looked pretty cool but it seems pretty high in carbs at times. I just dont’ want to mess up and be unhappy when its cruise time, even though I still plan on working out after the curise to get even bigger, better and stronger, but my goal is a lean, ripped look kind of like the picture i attached. So what should I do, bulk for now (winter) and cut for a month prior to the cruise or what, i’m lost? thanks in advance.

Link to Pics: www.angelfire.com/oh5/rontg

My Stats: 5’10" 171 lbs.
What I’ve been doing lately:

Hey, welcome.

Definitely bulk now, you have plenty of time. Around two months or so before the trip just begin cutting down on the calories and try to eat the lean stuff. On the last month add more cardio(you seem to have more than enough now since you’re cutting) and you’ll be good. And don’t overdo it on the bulking stage. If you turn to blubber than you’ll loose alot of muscle while shedding the fat. Good luck.