Introduction, Advice?

Hey guys been a long time lurker first time registering n posting

Just saying thank all you guys on here for all the useful information that I have gathered about AAS usage and other things I would of never of known without reading up. But I still have a lot more to learn and research.

Current cycle

500mg test E 10 weeks
0.25 arimidex EOD (1-12weeks tapering down last two weeks)
PCT Nolva 40/40/20/20 (week 13 onwards)
Clomind 50/50/35/35 (week 13 onwards)

currently on week 8 feeling great strength is up…macros are more or less on point everyday 261Carbs/293Protien/68Fat
Weight is starting to plateau seem to be hovering around 89-90kgs would it be wise to increase my macros even more? even though i’m gaining a bit of fat

Bloating (not sure if its fat gains aswell) Doing 20 min cardio n less sodium seems to help a lot.

any critique or advice would be great and helpful??

Thank you

How tall are you?

175cm height brother

well your a friendly chap, welcome!

There’s a chance that your body has become used to the dosage IF your diet / training are on point. I know that after 8-9 weeks on 500mg of Test, I was plateauing due to this reason. You’ve got less than 2 weeks left, so I would honestly just continue to train hard. Try not to put on too much fat; if anything, up the intensity of your workouts if you don’t have any extra test to bump in these last couple pins.

Hey man… I am planning out my first cycle of Test E 250 E3D for 10 weeks, while reverse dieting from my competition last weekend… I am going to be a first time AAS user (run about 9 PH cycles), but ill explain my journey and logic some day… Finally I feel ready to be a man and jump in… LOL Keep up the good work! Our protocol’s will be very similar…

Looks good man… my first cycle will be structured similarly!

Thanks for the input guys much appreciated. Yes i was reading up n people said they top out week 9 either up doses or add oral or expect slow gains. Seems like Cxtucker has a point here cheers.
Ill keep it simple and wont get carried away with numbers n keep training/diet on point.

Deako u look like ur in good shape already keep up the good work also! Keep me filled in with progress

Im up 7kgs so far from where i was quite happy gona see how much of that is muscle after pct also bloodwork done from doctors

I always find shit slows at 8 weeks, so I add an oral. Usually something that’ll harden me up like anavar