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Introduction: A Wild Newb Appears!

Hi T-Nation! Just joined and wanted to introduce myself.

I’m brand-new to focused strength training. As part of rejoining a local gym over the winter (after too many years away), I took a 6-week weight training course. During that time, something clicked and I fell in love with lifting. This time around I’m paying attention to protein, form, supplements, and hypertrophy-- something I never did when weights was just what was done for 15 minutes after cardio class.

It’s kinda funny that hypertrophy has suddenly become a priority for me at this stage of life, having just turned 50. While I am naturally strong, that’s one factor that probably works against me to some degree-- that, my sex, and current fitness level. I have to manage my expectations a little more firmly than a 19-year-old guy would! lol

Space, budget, and that bastard Covid-19 dictate that my current workout revolves around resistance bands. Got strong enough in the gym that the bands are no substitute for the stacks, but hey, you work with what you’ve got. I do six days a week, alternating between heavier and lighter sessions-- the former mainly for “strength”, the latter mostly for core. Since I’ve only been doing this since mid-January, the exact exercises have been evolving (and/or been modified for home workouts) as I figure out what works for me.

Nutrition-wise, I rely primarily on shakes for protein atm. When the gym was open, I only had time to test-drive creatine and desiccated liver. Been researching other kinds of supplementation/ etc. and intend to check those out once we’re all back pumping proper iron again.

So that’s me right now. Looking forward to learning-- and hopefully laughing-- with you all!

Is there a reason despite convenience? Shakes are fine but personally I prefer when the majority of my protein intake is from whole sources

It’s mainly about the convenience. Agree that it’s better to eat whole food, but I haven’t had much appetite lately, and probably couldn’t get down enough protein that way. Also, I’m kind of lazy when it comes to meal prep-- a sandwich and some fruit is about as elaborate as it usually gets.

Firstly welcome and its great to see other more grown up members on here who want to lift. Shame that the Covid situation has put most gym sessions on hold for now but it wont be forever.

Please don’t take the wrong way but you need to fix this:

If you want to either add strength or add muscle which I assume is your goal as you talk about hypertrophy above. You need to get your eating sorted now. While the gym is closed spend time reading what a good diet looks like made up of mostly whole foods and look at how you could change your eating habbits to match this. You can get the training right when the gym re-opens but if you don’t fix the diet it will all be a waste of time.


Hey, thanks! :slight_smile: And yes, I hear you-- nutrition does need to be based more on “real” foods. I actually just left a comment on another thread asking how people manage to cram down the protein needed for hypertrophy on top of a sensible diet. Do you have any insights on that?

How much are you aiming for protein wise?

When the gyms were open, 184g. I’m drinking less than half that right now, since what I can do at home is far less.

Did you read the article I linked in the other thread?

What is your bodyweight? What is your goal?

What is your definition of “heathy foods”, and “sensible diet”?

Do you read t-nation articles? Lately they all focus on at-home training. There’s a lot you can do from home, especially if you’re a beginner.

You also said you “got strong enough in the gym that the bands are no substitute for the stacks” There’s videos in said T-nation articles of NFL athletes who squat over 500 pounds barely completing certain bodyweight protocols, so there’s plenty of progress to be made.

Believe me, I’ve made gains in quarantine and am also a beginner. It took a few weeks to mess around and find what works, and it was frustrating, but I’m in the groove now. Assuming you’re not super busy (and most people are now less busy) you actually have more time to train, and more time to figure out how to eat more food.