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Introducing Physical Activity and Nutrition After 1 Month on Bed Rest

I have been in the hospital for over a month on basically complete bed rest, I could walk the hallways after a few weeks but even that was rough. Now Im home and on medication for Aspergilous, This infection caused a whole in my left lung 8-9 cm. Im recovering and currently am on trt due to anorexia Im 5,8 and weighing roughly 97lbs. Im allowed to perform daily functions though even at this point the stairs are still a struggle. So how should I slowly incorporate physical activity to begin gaining strength back. ( Just simple movements, even walks). As far as nutrtion i try to incorporate 3 meals and two snacks per day eating around 2,300 cals. Im slowly gaining weight about a lb a week, and trying to eat healthy most of the time 80/20 rule (95/05). Basically your typical BB diet, pretty Simple foods