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Introducing Myself


What's up everybody, I'm the new guy. Feel free to pop me with a towel as I walk by or put shaving cream in my gym bag.

A little background, I'm 22, tall and skinny (6'4" 190 lb.), I used to train MMA and had a few Toughman/amateur kickboxing fights but some bad luck and a few bad choices have kind of put a halt to that for the time being. I'm trying to re-dedicate myself to training, and this emphasis on raw strength and size is a little new to me so I'll probably be asking a lot of questions for a while. Maybe I'll try to get some pics up now and post some more in 6 months or so for comparison.

In the meantime, good training guys (and girls). Maybe I can answer some of your questions, as long as they're easy.




Hey man, I've got an Econ degree. You tell me what you want 2+5 to equal and I'll help you tell everyone else why that's okay.


With an Econ degree, I can only tell you what 2+5 should equal in a perfect world. I have no clue as to the real world application of the problem.


Good answer. Now, if we can get you to avoid posting a picture of yourself until you gain more weight, we'll be cool as shit.


No joke man. I used to think it was okay being this skinny, but the other night I accidentally walked past a full length mirror in my underwear and decided that I need about 20-25 pounds before I ever take my shirt off again.


Man, I'm surprised you could see yourself in the mirror! :slightly_smiling:



I thought I was the only rational person in the world with an economics background, you've just restored my faith in humanity.

Oh yes, and welcome.


Nice to have you here.

Good luck with the 20-25 pounds to gain.


Welcome to T-Nation!

I usually welcome people by stating that this is the finest muscle building web site on the Internet. But since I always say that I decided that I would not say it this time :slight_smile:

(Raises hand) I have a question: What is it like to be 6' 4"?

Please describe in detail all of the positives and negatives of being that tall.

I need to know this because as soon as I am done working on my musculature I am going to add aout 6" to my height.

Okay, I'll await your answer......


To all the guys making skinny jokes, y'all should've seen me when I starved and sprinted myself down to 170 for a fight. It was a little gross actually. I then "blew up" to around 205, the biggest I've ever been. Oddly enough though the strongest I've ever been I was about 183, just depends on your sets/reps/diet you know?

Being tall is alright, it's a little hard to find pants and long sleeved shirts, especially as thin as I am, but I can dunk a basketball, I've got a longer reach than anyone I've ever fought or even sparred with, and the ROM on deadlifts isn't so bad. But bench press is a killer.








Shhhhhhh!, some around these parts don't believe in this concept.


The long reach rocks when it comes to tagging guys, eh, smiley ? Be proud of your height. I wish I could be proud of mine. You'll be able to put on some weight if you stop the incessant running/ma training. No doubt about it.


I'd like to show you some hospitality. Welcome to T-Nation!!

  1. I'm chinadoll and I live in Hawaii

  2. I've been reading T-Nation since the beginning

  3. My dad's name is Melvin, but his nickname is "Smiley"...funny coincidence, eh??

  4. My hunny is 6'5-1/2" tall- the height makes for a crazy fast metabolism, and to gain, he eats like crazy, does stuff to add calories like adds coconut milk to protein shakes, etc...and still burns a lot off, especially while training for gains, this revs the metabolism even more....thought you might be able to relate to this

  5. At your height, i'd like to say to you, "Happy Eating"!!

  6. MMA....good stuff! Feel free to post stuff related to this and training, many of us would love to hear about it

Ok, so hope you enjoy this site, it's one of the best!!!



I thought that's what accountants do.


You haven't started adding to your height yet? Why not?

I'm currently growing (in height) at 1" per month by use of a body stretcher. I'll be over six feet tall in a couple years!


You want to ask some questions and answer them ? You could do the thing I get where I answer a Q and someone takes my words and makes them their own and the guy asking the original Q thanks the guy who used my into. No, just kidding that never happens.


Yeah, there's a joke involving an accountant, an economist, and a mathematician, I think I've got it confused.

Chinadoll, I'm not training MMA at the time but if it comes up I'll be glad to exchange stories or tips or techniques with the people here. You seem like a good group of folks. My name isn't really Melvin Smiley, that was Mark Wahlberg's character in "The Big Hit"; one of my all-time favorite movies. Nice pic by the way, although I'll leave the compliments at that since you're all the way in Hawaii and your "hunny" is taller and presumably much bigger than me lol