Introducing Myself

Hi all,
My name is Muhammad Yasir, 37. First off, I wanted to introduce myself to this community which would make it easier for me to get bodybuilding and weight loss tips. A brief introduction about my health is I was fat from the last 5-6 years because of my stupid eating choices (pizzas, burgers). Height is 6’1 nit weight was nearly 200 pounds. But after some health setbacks, I started losing weight. I thought at my age, the metabolism would not be very slow, but I was wrong. I started with 90 minutes of elliptical daily with 2000 calories a day, mostly with protein. In one week I reduced nearly 1.5lbs. After months of hard work, I finally came to 160 lbs. Now I am thin (yay!!!) and enjoying it.
This is my story, I joined this community to get basic knowledge about bodybuilding and fitness and also contribute positively.