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Introducing Myself

Psshhh… Not sure where to start. Uhh… I’m 21. Female. Aspiring Hematologist and powerlifter. I just wanted to say hello. i have also made a training log page if any of you are interest in knowing more about me or whatever else.
I’m kind of a black sheep. Always have been.

Sorry if I seem kind of distant in my writing. I’m semi new here. And slightly nervous, despite being online. Well new to making myself known. I’ve crept around T nation for almost six months just reading stuff. I’ll post pictures of my body progress soon. And hopefully I’ll find a gym buddie who can snap photos of me lifting.

Right now I’m trying to accomplish pull ups, sprinting, loaded carries, and circuit rope jumping.

I look forward to meeting all of you guys.

Oh…and I’m a HUGE transformers fan so if you ever wanna talk about movies, websites, or comics pertaining to nerdy stuff about transformers you’ve stumbled upon an Internet buddy to share and talk about it :smile: I like machinery and I’ve always though of my body as an organic machine. One that’s finely tuned and is a raging inferno. I used to day dream about being a cyborg (weird I know lol). But I suppose that’s it for now.

Thanks guys.

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Welcome to T-Nation. Powerlifting and Science Fiction is a unique combination, look forward to following your training. When you have time, check out the Takeshi Kovacs series by Richard K. Morgan, IMHO, one of the best in the business.

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Black sheep are good. Welcome.

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I most definitely will. The preface has already made want to buy for my kindle app

Thank you very much :blush:

WHOOT! Nice to see ya. I’ll look for your training log.

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In your first message you mentioned your “pics”, have you already posted them? Where? (link?)

Best regards!

Go over to the training logs section. My log is called " Enter Planet Cybertron". I decided to keep my log there.

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Thank you, just been there and watched a couple of videos, is quite extensive blog! congratulations.

Couldn´t actually find, besides, pics of yourself, but cat, dog, feet, etc., jjaja

Best to you and keep the STRONG work!

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They’re kind of a bit in there. Probably too much scrolling to do unless you summarize. There aren’t many though. But thanks and you too!

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Welcome to T Nation! I’m really glad to see you! Lets be friends!:slight_smile:

I’m not really new anymore. Edit: I’ve been here since 2016. I Have another log called “Enter Planet Cybertron”, that I post on regularly. You can always talk to me in there.