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Introducing Myself/Looking for Feedback

Hello everybody,

My name is Luis Prieto. I’m 32 years old, 5"9 and about 225lbs. I’ve been lifting continuously now for 5 months or so and due to limited time only do 2 separate workouts with 3 day rest for each.
First workout is triceps/chest/shoulders which consists of 3 sets 80lb dumbbell flat bench, 3 sets 80lb bench on the ground/ 3 95 lb laying pull overs for top chest. I do 3 sets of Arnold presses usually 6/8/9 reps. The heaviest i have been able to go on Arnold’s is 67.5 lb dumbbells. Then i do 3 sets of tricep extensions, 3 sets of lateral raises, 3 sets of WS with dumbbells and finish off with tricep kickbacks superset with laying across body tricep extensions.

For biceps and back i do 3 sets regular curls heavy with regular grip and hammer grip. 2 sets of curls with shoulders dropped and arched of regular grip and hammer grip, and 2 sets of cross body curls of both regular grip and hammer. I do rows in between each set and 4 sets of laying lat extensions with dumbbell.

My goal is 18 inch arms lean and think it’s probably best to bulk up and cut. I’m looking for any suggestions. Also, i only take creatine minohydrste



Or back?

I do 8 sets of various rows, 3 sets of dumbbell deadlifts and 4 sets of laying extensions focussing on lats

I would love to train legs but i am very busy and don’t have time to hit up a gym. I only have 2 dumbbells that i can only get 77.5 lbs on each and a barbell. I’m building a house next year with a dedicated 24x24 gym and will buy new equipment then.

Lemme get this straight, you have 150+ pounds of weight, just in DBs, and don’t think you can train legs? How much weight is on your barbell?

Pistol squats with or without weight could easily be a staple. Then you could try to do 100 total reps of lunges with your maxed out DBs, followed by goblet squats for similarly high reps. Finish it up with RDLs.

You absolutely can train legs with what you have.


So what’s up?

Is your routine working? Are you getting muscley and adding reps/weight to your sets here and there?

Are your arms growing?

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I suppose you are right. However I’m also very limited in time. I’m very busy and felt like i could sacrifice my legs since i have quite muscular legs. I will be doing a leg workout next year when I have more time. Thanks for the tips though. I’ll look at those lifts and make it s routine

What’s up man. I’m definitely growing and getting stronger. I just wanted to hear any suggestions or tricks from members here.

How much time do you have to train though

Wrapping up my supply chain management degree, managing a couple construction projects, and i have a high needs 4 year old. I barely squeeze in my workouts as it is. I’ll have more time early next year, but I’ll try to squeeze a quick leg workout with the suggested lifts.

Do one less set of every exercise in your current workout, then do 2-3 sets of one leg exercise at the end of each workout, you’ll be sorted.

I would add Bulgarian Split Squats or Reverse Lunges at the end of your chest/shoulders/triceps session, and single-leg hamstring bridges at the end of your back/biceps session


Thanks man! That’s a great idea. I’ll give that a go.


Good luck :slight_smile:

Feel free to post up some videos of you performing those exercises, as they can be somewhat technical

You’re pretty open to feedback - that’s awesome!

You’re already onboard, so I’m fighting a battle that’s over, but just to help a little with the tedium of doing legs: most of us believe leg work will help add overall mass.

Good luck on the arm size. If I could go back and be young, my only $0.02 would be to not necessarily focus on a metric if my goal is aesthetics. It led to far too much fat gain for me


Thanks man. I thi k 18" is reasonable as I’m looking at this as a lifestyle and priority. I used to powerlift when I was 21 and i had achieved those numbers but i was very invested in it. I’ll definitely start up legs next week. Thanks!

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Arms are a real weak point for me. So I’m prolly not the best person to offer advice on this, but here’s what I can offer you……

In the 22 years I have been training, no amount or type of direct arm work has ever made my arms grow even 1/4”.

The only times they have ever grown was when my heavy compound movements were going up, week after week.

I know you said you are time and equipment limited. I hate to say it, but I think until you can get lots of heavy pushing and pulling in, I don’t think you’ll see much progress. I don’t know how far from your goal of 18” you are, but if it’s more than 1/2”, I do t think you’ll get there with 77.5 pound dumbbells, friend.

U gotta figure out how to get access to a loaded bar. Or a dip and chin station, at least. Hell, You could even do dips between two bar stools holding a dumbbell between your legs.

Thanks for yoir perspective. I won’t be able to have that setup until next year when I build my house with a gym in it. For now, I’ve been focussing on hitting the negatives and doing some cheat lifts with more weight than i can properly do correctly to overload on the negatives. I feel like i am getting results and growing, and definitely getting stronger. A couple days ago, during my workout I measured 18.5. I’ll definitely get myself a setup that allows me to do more heavy compound lifts.

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Dude your genetics are incredible for bodybuilding, if you honestly built what I see in that pic with 77.5 pound dumbbells. You had better start a cut and lean out until you can build a home gym, and then attack that iron like a man possessed and eat like a Lion. If you waist those genetics, I will pray that the bodybuilding gods eat your dog.

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Haha, I’m actually thinking of starting an aggressive cut October 1 with the plan to be super lean by March of next year. Currently, I’m able to curl 70s for 5-6 reps and then drop the weight by 2.5lb increments and increase by 1 rep for biceps. Would you recommend to lift heavy during my cut, or should I focus more on high reps? Ideally, i don’t want to lose too much muscle mass, but i know it’ll happen. I started doing pushups in between each of my 20 total sets for shoulders/triceps/chest. Last workout, i did 14 between each set and tomorrow I’ll do 15 between each set. What are your thoughts about that? I appreciate your advice.

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