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Introducing Myself, Catching Up With Times


Hey everybody.
First of all, my name is Alex and I'm from California. I have been visiting and reading here pretty often over the last six months and finally got to making an account. I joined because I love to learn, and honestly am pretty 'old school' and basic when it comes to using 'chemicals' on my 'lab rats' and figured that I could take in some knowledge here.

Anyways, what I mean by catching up with times is cutting out the middle man in getting research chemicals for my 'lab rats'. Research has show (thanks google!) that several US companies can provide such research chemicals and I am just looking for advice on to a reputable company. I understand that for privacy purposes you may want to PM me this information, but regardless I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks guys,


This is a public forum regarding a very sensitive subject. Just so you know.


This reminds me of the commercial. The one where the dad is just about to say that the raviolis have a full serving of vegetables, and the mom keeps making noise. This, and that, isn't really a big deal, but it's kind of a touchy thing to just ask someone for a source. You're first post should not be about getting a source


I at least somewhat expected a response similar to those given. Is it a stretch to ask people to verify a few research companies as opposed to offering me new ones?

And let me apologize for coming off like that's all I'm here for. If both requests are illegitimate at this point, given I have absolutely no reputation here and am at the bottom of the totem pole, I understand.

Regardless, thank you.


Pretty much braww. I'm not attacking you but for all we know could really be a guy (one of us) or you could be Deputy Dickinarse or a Agent Asfuk. If you are the latter, I've said this before and I'll say it again: I, sir, piss on you and your family. If your not disregard my statement and have a wonderful day.


Point taken. I'll get back to this once I earn the right and respect to ask such a question. For now - I guess I'll just take a risk with this one chemical research company and see what happens. Anyways, see you around.