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Introducing AI Late in Cycle


Bro we’re not that different we are all human beings.


So your saying one dose fits all then?


No, as Im sure we all metabolize at slightly different rates etc but its not going to differ that much we’re all the same species with the same basic metabolic systems.


Okay if metabolism is the only mechanism behind it, what about someone holding substantially more body fat? They will aromatise more heavily due to aromatase enzyme in excess body fat, right? Thus requiring more AI to combat that.


Yea that would makes sense. But do they? I’m not sure never seen any real evidence.


I take what you would call a high dose of arimidex, I’m not fat In anyway though I’m not lean either. So I would say yes the higher your body fat the more AI would be needed. In saying that I know you don’t agree with the levels of e2 I maintain though that’s another discussion entirely.



Only a week into using the AI water retention vanished completely I’m down 12lbs. Squats up 40lbs… totally blows me away. I’m going to add dbol 4 1/2 weeks 30mg a day. I’m taking .25 arimadex ED. So far so good, feeling great.


The bloat and gyno symptoms freaked me out I dont think the amount of arimadex I’m taking is a good idea I will be cutting back and see what happens. How do you guys get your blood work? Do you need a reason? What do you tell the doc?


I wouldn’t add DBol until you get your E2 figured out and in check. It’ll just add another variable.


I feel like gsx and dean (and others) are disagreeing fundamentally on what e2 SHOULD be on cycle, and that is why gsx says it’s a ridiculously high dose, and others don’t agree.

It sounds like the people who are disagreeing with gsx want their e2 to measure out 20-something, regardless of test level. That’s a theory that some people subscribe to, and because of ksman and others like him, has been an overriding consensus on these boards for awhile. if THAT is the goal, .25-.5 may not be insane, depending on T dose.

But it is an insane dose if you’re only concerned with ratios, which, by what I’ve read from GSX, is his stance (and mine as well). Physio also rarely recommends adex.

Hopefully that can be a clarifying point to further the discussion. Anyone is welcome to correct me if they think I’ve misunderstood the disagreement.


As far as keeping the number in the 30s and all that i think if you feel good with your test high and E within range then go for it

For me i feel best with the test/E ratio. As long as your not having REAL signs of gyno (not the anxiety attack itchy nips bullshit) and your emotionally stable i personally fell this is the best practice

I do not agree with 0.5 mg of adex will have the same effect on everyone. To say that the same dose of every drug will effect every persons body and hormones the same way is ignorant in the least in my opinion.

Yes we pretty much all have the same metabolic system that breaks down the drug but then once the drug is broken down variables such as gender, weight, muscle mass, height, body fat, previous drug use, diet, etc etc all dictate hoe your body utilizes the drug.