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Introducing AI into Existing T+HCG Protocol?


Guys - I have been on TRT (100mg/wk T-enan divided into 2 doses) along with 250IU HCG twice a week for about 2 months now. I have my T on M/TH and HCG on WED/SAT. My GP frowned on an AI so I went the route most of us do and got some mail order (liquid RC). I've read that 0.25mg EOD is the recommended protocol if starting from the beginning, but what about if you are already in mid-stream, so to speak?

I have experienced elevated E2 before (prior TRT with another clueless doc), and felt like it was starting to get up again (itchy nips). Basically I have had 0.25mg twice now since I got it a few days ago...just wanted to see if I was on the right track or if I should hit a higher dose to bring things down quicker. I have my next blood work coming up soon (couple of weeks I think).


KS? Anyone?


I used to recommend front loading like that to achieve faster results. But can't do that now, as a couple of over-responders front loaded and the results were very bad in terms of energy and mood/depression. So I avoid that risk.

With a constant dose, it takes around 6 days to reach a steady levels. For the over-responder, that give him time to bail out before reaching those 6 day levels.

Results in two weeks may not be where things will be. Why the rush?


I would reduce hcg since alot of guys are not benefiting from it and its just raising your e2 which was already high to begin with. One patient had e2 of 24 on TRT, nothing changed added in hcg 250 ius 2 times a week e2 went to 80 !! His symptoms were also supporting the blood work. Stop the HCG and he is doing much better even if you have small nuts to some its not worth the emotional and physical side effect.


yes, can happen, but readers should not think that this is typical


Oh, no rush on the blood work - I can put it off if needed. So, I'll continue with .25mg EOD for another week and then shoot for blood work. As far as hcg goes, I like my nuts. I've seen them shriveled up before, and didn't care much for that. I'd prefer to keep them around.