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Introduce Yourself


Hey guys, I recently joined this forum after lurking for a bit. Anyways it is an awesome place to learn and I figured I would try and contribute. Introduce yourself and tell us about you!

I will start off: My name is Nik and I live in the Greater Toronto Area, I am 17 years old and have been lifting for about a year and a bit, outside of lifting I love to play hockey (looking to play JR A next year), I love to write songs, philosophy and just random thoughts that pop into my head, love all types of music (from Slipknot to Tim McGraw) and chilling with my friends is always awesome! Anyways enough about me, you tell me something about you!



My name is David Davidson.

I enjoy eating red meat, fucking my wife, and learning Maui Thai so I can pwn me some bodybuilders.


Hello, my name is Jonatan.

I love to do heavy deadlifts, I shout in the gym, and I smell like shit.

Okay? Okay.


I'm Trav

I deadlift with a rounded lower back

and I like poptarts


Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.


David, you seem like a decent guy. Can I kick you next time you do da benchprezzorz?


Trav, only idiot don't round their back. Konstantinovs rounds his, he is a truely great man. Don't be an idiot.


no way?

we must be /b/rothers cause my name is david davidson as well.

small world


a bit of rounding is acceptable especially on max lifts, but my form is off competely. I'm working to correct it though.
I'll try not to be an idiot while I'm at it though :wink:


It is important to know how to do da deadliftorz. You see far too many people, who cannot do it. These are the idiots.


Well hello David.

Good day to you sir.


My name is Kheaslim, and I'm an aclcoholic...


The JrA road is fun, I've already been there.

Good luck.


hi, my name is Mark, and my pen0r is on fire


I honestly expected much more from this thread.

OP had win written ll over it.


Hi, my name is Roberta and I masterbate constantly


How has it been hindering your workout gains?


At first I thought it would lower my T levels, but my workouts have been great and I've been setting new pr's each week. I might start a log to report my progress..


No, but my palms are hairy as shit.


Not to mention the blurry vision.