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Intro Time

It’s time to introduce myself to this excellent forum. I am 55 and have been on Androgel for 3 years. Apparently, I am an Androgel responder. When I started, total test was 197 ng/dL (ref 260-1000) and free was 35.9 pg/mL (ref 50-210). The 5 gram packet brought me to 731 and 114.2. This eventually dropped, so the doc switched me to the pump bottle, and I am currently on 6 pumps (7.5g). My last test was 788 ng/dL (ref 241-827) and 26.2 pg/mL (ref 7.2-24.0). He advised me to cut back to 5 pumps.

I’m taking 1000 mg of chrysin per day to inhibit estrogen, but I’m reading that it is ineffective. I’m due for my annual checkup, and I’m going to see how the doc feels about the 3-leg approach described on this forum. Also, I don’t think he would be opposed to injections, but it seems like I’ve done fine with Androgel.

Thanks for all of the useful information. This forum is the best.


I used to be a proponent for Chrysin on this forum, until I did more more research and found it doesn’t work for everybody with or w/o bioperene to make it absorb effectively.

If I were you and you want to be SURE your E2 is being kept in check, use adex. If you haven’t had any “shrinkage” or pain, or loss of “volume” post coitus, at this point maybe your body hasn’t turned against you yet. Yet being the operative word. KSman is right about the three legged approach to HRT/TRT. I use the three leg method and it works well.

To persuade your doctor go to “all things male.com” and print out Dr. Crislers protocols.
I need to persuade my current doctor too for HCG. I took the printed articles, and got a script w/o hassle. Good luck.

KNB, thanks for the info. I’ve been away from my PC for a month or so, due to a family emergency.

I had my blood test the first week in February. On 5 pumps androgel and the 1,000 mg chrysin, I was amazed to find that my test was 1284 NG/DL (ref 241-827) and 52.8 pg/mL (ref 7.2-24.0). The doc thinks the chrysin is working for me. I guess there really isn’t any way of knowing for sure, unless he checks the estrogen level. He told me to go to 4 pumps androgel and 500mg chrysin for 6 weeks, then I’ll get another blood test.

So far, shrinkage, pain, and volume don’t seem to be a problem. It’s good to be armed with this knowledge, however. Hopefully, I’ll be able to prevent or reverse these problems if/when they arise in the future.

Thanks, McVan