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Intro + Q on Squat Rep Scheme

Hey Everyone,

My name is Grant and I’m a long time lurker 1st time poster from Australia. I’ve been training seriously for about 1 year now and have seen 38 pounds of quality noob body weight gains. I’ve been training 4 days per week using Dorian Yates Olympia split routine with high intensity techniques. My aim is to gain another 15lbs over the next year. I’ve been the skinny kid my whole life but I’m slowly changing that.

I current numbers as of last week are:
6’ 188lbs
Bench 225x7
Deadlift: 360x7
Squat: 230x12

Now onto my question:

I recently changed my squating method from the power squat (wide stance, to around parallel due to flexibility) to the Olympic squat (below parallel). The aim of this was to hit my quads more as I felt I was only really hitting my hams and glutes. I also changed the rep scheme from 6-8 x 2 to 12-15 x 2.

My at the time power squat was 365lbs for 8 reps. I dropped the weight to 220lbs and hit 15 reps Olympic style and I have never been so sore after a leg workout. But since then my strength has continued to drop: hitting only 12 then 10 and now 8 reps on the succeeding weeks.

So I am looking for advice on how to maintain my maximal strength whilst still getting the benefits of higher rep leg training. So far I can only think of doing heavy 2-3 rep sets at the start of my workout or cycling rep schemes on a weekly basis.

Thanks in advance


If you’re losing strength it could mean that you need some time off or your diet isn’t where it needs to be. As far as rep scheme’s for squats I’ve always liked a 6-10 set followed by a high rep set (not immediatly after) of 20+ reps but this is merely a matter of what feels comfortable to progress with. I would also suggest that you keep the PL squat and alternate between the two to not over work certain muscles and take pressure off of trying to hit a PR with the same movement every session.

Thanks for the reply Trav. I prefer the PL squat because I have long legs for my height. Feels so much more natural. I think my diet is Ok, I’m still gaining weight slowly. Once the University break comes along in 3 weeks I can really devote 100% effort into bulking.

I’ll try alternating squat styles every 2 weeks. Using a high rep set after two sets at 6-10.