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Intro, Pics, & DL Form Feedback

I’ve been lurking on T-Nation on and off for a few years and I think this is my first post. After a 12-18month hiatus from the gym I decided to try to put on a few LBs and make some progress toward being ‘strong’. I think that my natural build is athletic but on the thin side.

Current stats:
Age: 37
Weight: 168lbs
BF: mid-teens

General goals
Add 15-20lbs
DL and Sq: 2x BW
Bench: 1.5x BW
Maintain mountain and road bike fitness

No weight room stats as of now. I am focusing on my form in the DL and BoxSq so I can learn some of the other big moves (Squat, OHS, Snatch, etc.) My flexibility and hip mobility are pretty bad and I definitely have an anterior pelvic tilt. I do hip mobility warmups and have added glute isolation drills at the start of each workout. After a month of some conditioning and another few weeks working out a program I’m doing a 2day push/pull split with 5x5 on DL, Bench, Shoulder Press, and BentRows (BoxSq on push day but not 5x5)

Just saying hello (officially)

(edit: the pic is supposed to be at the bottom)

Another pics


OK, Last pic. This is from the end of '07 and I’d guess my weight in the low 170s. I’m stronger than I am now but I’d guess my lifts were probably DL 245 x 5, Bench 185 x 3, Sq ???

Sorry about the angle. 24Hr Fitness doesn’t allow filming so I had to keep the camera out of sight. As I mentioned, I’m working on my flexibility and form so the weight is minimal by TNation standards. I’d appreciate any feedback on form. if you need a different angle to properly assess just let me know.

Good looking dead. You push through your feet up. I had a problem of lifting my butt first. Try sticking your chest out at the end with the hip thrust. That will get your shoulders back a little more. Just my 2 cents.

Your form looks good but at that weight it should.

I’m not trying to be a jerk but everybody’s form is fairly good at low weights. A video with a bit more weight on it might give a better idea of how well you maintain your form as the weight goes up.

You do have a really good base to build on and at first glance you appear to be doing fine on your DL’s.

Good luck.

Thanks for the feedback.

No worries on commenting on more weight. I kinda expected to hear that as I also see it on other posts. As you mentioned, I’m trying to get a good base before moving up. I think my lifetime PR is 335lbs @ 170ish but that was more than quite a while back. After I finish the first round of 5 x 5 I’ll do a few singles with more weight and see if the form holds up.

Hopefully this week I can get a video of me box squatting to get some feedback on also. I’m practicing that movement instead of regular squats while I work on my flexibility.