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Intro - Long Time Lurker

Hey all.
I’ve been following this board for a helluva long time and thought it was time to actually register. Thanks to a lot of the members on here I’ve learnt a huge amount, its my go to when I’m looking for answers or direction. Also thanks to some other less knowledgeable members for the bizarre comments posted from time to time, the inevitable responses keep me chuckling.

I’m 47 y/o, 6’3", 224 pounds, 11,6% BF (before I drank all the beer these holidays). I’ve been on TRT since April 2016. I have blood tests every 6 months and keep track on a spreadsheet so I can compare my numbers. My pre TRT levels were:
TT 10 n/mol - Range 8.6- 29
FT 180p/mol - Range 180 - 739
E2 81 p/mol - Range <130 (22pg/ml)
My protocol started on 1 shot of 100mg Test C/week. That took me to FT of 422p/mol and E2 of 122 p/mol. I went up to 180mg Test C/week, split into two shots, giving me 656.9 FT and 117 E2 9I’m thinking split shots dropped it a little).
I’m currently on 200mg/week split into 2 shots, getting me to 714p/mol FT and 160 p/mol E2 (43.58 pg/ml).

I’ve tried 250mg/week but it was too rich for me. I also subscribed at one point to the “crush my E2 with Adex” club giving me an E2 reading of 48 p/mol (13 pg.ml !) which was literally hell on earth.
I’ve used HCG a number of times as I do worry about complete HTPA shutdown and feel it is beneficial to keep the motor running, but I just can’t tolerate it. It makes me moody AF. When I, and my wife, have forgotten how unpleasant I become I typically convince myself that this time will be different, I take it and become intolerable again. I’m still searching for a solution to this.

I used to chase E2 all around the park, still do from time to time, and have found that I can be very impatient, often changing things before my system has settled, obviously I’m a slow learner. I’ve learnt that higher E2 isn’t the devil and its ratio to test is what matters. I’ve also learnt that a bad day doesn’t mean my E2 is high or low, that the symptoms are similar and to believe blood tests, not how I’m feeling on a particular day.

I’m fairly active, gym 4 mornings a week and train combat sports 4 nights a week. I’ve done a number of cycles before TRT (which combined with the training probably led to me having to be on TRT in the first place), including combinations of Test, Var, Tbol, Eq and Masteron. On TRT I have blasted before with Masteron and NPP (never again).
I’m fanatical about research and love the science and developing knowledge/theories behind TRT. Thanks for all the great info on here, Cheers.

What combat sport do you practice? Just a general question, unrelated to this

What was you’re experience with NPP… mine, although brief, was fairly positive, only notable side effect being anorgasmia

Hi there. I train BJJ and MMA have for 11 years. I used to compete in MMA and still do in jiu jitsu, good way to keep in shape.
I loved NPP when on it, felt like a god literally, think it was at 300mg and same test/week. Problem is I suffered with libido and ED issues afterwards as well as what I can only describe as depression. I’m not keen to go there again.

Thanks for the message by the way, you are one of the people whose knowledge I respect and use to learn. Cheers.