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Intro - Hello Over 35's

Started working out in September, after roughly 15 years or so of not doing much other than beer league softball. Prior to that, played every sport my high school offered, was in the Marines and played competitive level volleyball (indoor and beach).

Started with a 5x5 program, and made some good gains:

Weight: 195 to 192
Bench: 205 to 285
Squat: 225 to 305
DL: 275 to 330

BW didn’t change hardly at all, but have lost a lot of fat - HELLO 4-PACK! Have dabbled in crossfit since January, but I can only go twice a week at most for now. Currently doing simple strength on blackironbeast; in 2nd week of my first cycle with it.

Goals - had originally wanted to hit 400 on squat and DL by the time I turn 42, and 300 on bench (only 4 weeks left). Bench is the only one I have a shot at. I don’t care about my weight, but do care about bodyfat. I need to get much, much stronger in my legs - basically everything except bench is weak. I have a long-term goal of making the Crossfit games for the 45 y.o. Masters division - so I have 3 years. My Olympic lifts and mobility sucks, so I need to greatly improve in those areas as well.


Welcome to the old folk’s home!

Welcome… Thank you for your service! Looks like you are well on your way.