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Intro. Current Cycle Advice?


Hey all,
Just an intro background and question
IM 41 and have been back lifting for general health/strength/size for about a year after, uh yeah, 15yrs off. :frowning:
Results have been good so far even with time off for a shoulder injury, but I want GREAT results.

My goals are not competition but to feel a lot better, good sex, and be noticeably "built"
I am more concerned with arms, chest, shoulders being big and tight than being chisled with a six pack
(iim not good at abs excercises, need to work on that, but its am admitted weak spot)

I got here after seeing a doc and being put on test and HCG, been on that for about 6weeks and plan to cycle loong on that.
Have read about cruising and blasting and that seems like it would fit my plan

I recently added dbol to the stack and LOVE it, so I added Deca and it seems to be crashing me bad
Im only on my first week after one pin of deca and im like
Bllaaaahhhh, meh, ill work out tomorrow. Total apathy. Is that common?

Heres my current cycle

Test Cyp 200mg/week (twice pinned)
dbol 30mg/day (morn/lunch/bedtime)
deca 400mg/week (twice pinned)
Clomid 50mg week (two doses of 25)

(I need to get some nolva on hand but am having trouble finding it in stock)

SO, with that said, I ask the following

Should I up the Test cyp? (after reading that seems more of a cruise dose than a blast dose)
Is the deca giving me the blahs? (Id rather feel great and work out than take it and fight myself to lift)
What about a differrnt combo? Tren? Winny? Just do more test and the dbol?

Any advice is appreciated as Im new to this and have read alot and plan to keep reading, but specifics help too.

Thanks in advance

PS This seems to be alot more responsive board than another one I was reading LOL


are you taking the clomid during your cycle? Clomid makes me feel blah and emotianal when i take it so i stick with nolva. Could be the hcg, ive never experienced any lethargy you speak of from it, but i heard in higher doses it could be a factor. I dont see how the deca could cause it either because it takes so long to build up in your system.

I dont really see the need in taking clomid until after the deca clears your system and you can stat it again for your pct. Then again, if you want to do a blast and cruise type cycle, then thats another story. Check with the guys in the trt section as they are better equipped to handle those type of cycles.

The test dose is 200mg a week so 2x100mg injections? At 41, that is a hefty trt dose but by no means a "blast". Up it to 400mg a week total, keep the deca and dbol where you have it . You could up the dbol a bit if you wanted to. I like to take 20-30 mg about an hour before i workout if im splitting up another 30mg throughout the day. Sometimes i just take 40 mg preworkout. Its all personal preferance. Both seem to work fine for me.

I wouldnt bother with the tren right now seeing as this is your first cycle and you arent worried about the six pack hard dense look.. Tren Ace needs to be pinned ED so you want to have a little experience with different injection sites before starting that. Winny i dont care for much unless your are already pretty lean, and given your age and recent shoulder injury, probably a bad compound to use because of the possible joint discomfort and tendon issues it can cause.

Seeing as your are doing a test/deca/dbol stack right now, im assuming you want to add some mass, which it will definatly do provided you're eating like you are suppose to.

With all these compounds, you defeinatly want to take an AI of some sort. Adex is my personal choice. Dose it at .5 mg EOD. All those compounds you're taking aromatize and you dont want that estrogen getting out of control.

hope this helps and good luck!