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Hello all, I’ve been on TRT for about two years now. I’m only 32 and actually put off starting when my doc First wanted at 29. My levels at 29 were mid 200’s and 205 when I started.
I started and felt great. No mood swings, no more mental fog, erections we’re great and I wasn’t sore for a week after minor workouts. Here’s my issue. I moved to Oklahoman city and I’ve had a hard time finding a knowledgeable doc. I don’t want to go to a T clinic for many reasons. Anyway, I found a urologist that supposedly is knowledgeable about the issue. My first labs he said were “superhuman” at 1,329 and he mentioned significant atrophy. So he changed my script from 200mg/wk of test cypionate and 1mg AI/wk down to 50mg every other week and no AI.

It’s been 4 weeks now and I don’t feel as good. I’m definitely tired and my erections are less than stellar but my workouts don’t seem to have been affected. I’m sore, but not unreasonably.

So I have two questions…

  1. Lets say I go back and my labs are “normal” but I still don’t feel as good as before. Should I insist on increasing the T or just be OK with it?
  2. anyone have a suggestion of good doc in OKC?

Thanks guys!


I have yet to meet a knowledgeable family doc or urologist regarding TRT. TRT clinics have been the best in my experience, but just too expensive.

I ended up with a family doc that will prescribe T, but I have to manage E2 on my own.

He probably said your TT was “superhuman” because 1200 is the top of the normal range for most labwork. Above 1200 is “supraphysiological” - just meaning it’s more than the body can typically make.

I bet you DID feel great at that dose! You probably can’t argue that you want to feel that great again, but you can argue if you have health issues at your current reduced dose (fatigue, ED, anxiety, insomnia, etc). What is your TT now? There’s no way a urologist is going to prescribe ANY dose that puts you over 1200. My doc feels strongly that “men my age” day below 500.

What did he mean by “significant atrophy”?!?


200mg/wk is definitely a high dose for TRT and as your labs show it puts you above range. If the lab was taken during your trough period, then you are running even higher at times. You could probably test in the high range at 150mg/wk. What he is giving you is def not enough. I would explain that your goal is to be top of range/peak physical since you are taking hormones and that’s where you feel best. If he’s not willing to accommodate look elsewhere.


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Can you post pre-TRT lab work with ranges? At your age, LH/FSH were needed to determine if problem was in your testes or pituitary. Malpractice if not done.

T should be injected twice a week and AI and hCG at time of T injections.
Labs should be always halfway between injections to avoid results been tainted by lab timing artifacts.

Doctors are the problem. You need to understand the things in the links so you can manage your own hormone health care. You cannot be passive.