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Intro and Progress

OK, so I’ve been reading all the beginner stuff and boggling at the sheer range of information available and thought I’d say hi to some like-minded ladies. I am invariably the only woman in the weights area of my gym so it’d be nice to chat with some other girls. I’m very new to all this, I’m not up with most of the jargon but this year I want to take it all much more seriously.

I’m 35, five ten, 185lbs [down from 201 in July 2007]
I’ve been lifting for 6 months from an overweight and no-exercise-for-years start. Some basic numbers:
Squat = 140lbs
Deadlift = 100lbs
Leg press = 213lbs
Bench press = 77lbs

My targets? To squat more than my bodyweight, be able to do pull-ups and see some of the muscle I’ve put on start to show through by shedding body fat. I want to lift heavy; I love lifting - I want to look like I belong in the weights area.

Anyway, hello from London, UK. :slight_smile:

Welcome Soap!
Congrats on your weight loss :). I’m sure you will find T-Nation to be a valuable tool for your training.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Soap! Welcome to T-Nation.

With that attitude I’m sure you will hit your goals.

Where in London are you?

Sweet, another tall woman! We can commiserate about how our bodies aren’t ideally built for benching, deadlifting, or squatting yet we do it anyway. :slight_smile:

I look forward to getting to know you better.

Watch out for Ren unless you want to be sucked in by his charm and undeniable sexiness. :wink: