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Intro and My First 4 Weeks

I am planning on using this forum quite a bit, so thought I would introduce myself and my goals.
I’m one of those people who joined a gym but only went a few times a year, my diet was horrendous, I drank loads and smoked 30 cigarettes a day. I managed to quit smoking in summer 2008 but subsequently put on about 30 pounds.

I’ve always wanted to starting lifting weights with a view to putting on muscle, but had never been able to keep up going to the gym. So I made myself a deal, if I could go to the gym regularly - just for cardio - then I would reward myself with a nicer gym (more expensive) and plenty of top quality whey protein.

I’ve been going each morning, 3-4 times each week for nearly a year now and decided I’m ready to start trying to pack on muscle.

I started with the articles on this website and used Thib’s beginners/newbies guides and programme design articles to plan out my workouts.

I chose size as my ultimate goal (rather than fat loss or strength) and plan to change my workout every 6 weeks .

I will be doing 10-12 reps per set, 3 sets per exercise, 3 exercises per muscle group (1 primary, 1 secondary, 1 auxiliary) and choosing antagonistic muscle groups each day.

Programme for the first 6 weeks:

Monday - Chest and Back: Dumbbell bench press, Incline dumbbell press, Flyes, Reverse Flyes, Lat cable pull down, Cable seated row. Plus for upper abs, Kneeling cable crunch.

Tuesday Quads and Hamstrings: Back squat, Hack squat, Machine Leg extensions, Romanian deadlift, Machine leg press (feet high on pad), Machine leg curl. Plus for transverse abs, Plank on Powerplate.

Thursday Biceps and Triceps: Standing dumbbell curl, Hammer curl, Concentration curl, Close-grip bench press, Decline barbell extension, Cable triceps push. Plus for lower abs, Leg raises.

Friday Shoulders and Calves: Military press, Dumbbell shoulder press, Dumbbell lat raise, Standing calf raise (Smiths machine), Seated calf raise (Smiths machine), Ankle flexion with weight plate. Plus for obliques, Dumbbell side bends.

The first 4 and a half weeks have gone great, I have got a good training buddy and am feeling much better. The only bit of the routine I am not happy with is the extra ab exercise at the end of each session, I do not think one exercise is enough but we dont have time (or the energy) to do any more . I wish I could hit my abs with just a couple of weighted excercises, its important to me that I dont neglect any muscle group but I hate training abs.

Diet has not too awful, my meals have been very good with high protein/low carbs, but snacks have been very sugary/fatty. I also have not been taking enough whey, so have ordered a 5kg tub.

So anyway, thats me, I will be uploading new photos at regular intervals, any ideas on how often to upload to see changes?

Height: 5feet9inches
Weight upon starting lifting (1st March 2010): 190 pounds
Weight after 4 weeks (28th March): 196 pounds

BF% upon starting lifting, using Accumeasure calipers (1st March 2010): 15.4%
BF% after 4 weeks, using Accumeasure calipers (28th March): 17.0%

Thanks for reading.