Intro and Estradiol Question

Good morning,
im relatively new to trt and have a question regarding my first blood work after two months being on 80 mg a week injections of t cypionate. Before therapy my levels were total 727, free 59 pg/ml. After two months my total is at 1060 and free at 129. My estradiol is 47. Is that considered high while on trt ? I feel fine,have put on 4 pounds of muscle and have had no side effects. I see my doc next week but wanted to get opinions from experienced users. From my research i do not want to go on AI blockers. As an aside I am 59 years old and extremely active and have always been in shape. Thanks in advance.!

What are the units and ranges of your estradiol? Assuming standard labcorp type, then no. Your TT and FT are very high so your E2 being high is not of concern. Especially if you feel fine.

Great! You appear to be a high SHBG guy. Your original TT is great with your FT being a little low. I’m not sure TRT is going to give you a ton of benefits but if you’re happy, thats good.


thank you for your rely, much appreciated! The range from quest diagnostics is less than or equal to 39 pg/ml, mine at 47 pg/ml show high.

What does the range for TT and FT show? Over range as well I assume? Keep track of your BP, HR, and overall water retention. Any of those abnormal? If not, you’re good. E2 is cardio protective and not a bad thing so long as its not causing side effects.


TT is listed at 250-1100 ng/dl, free as 46.0 to 224 pg/ml. Blood pressure perfect, resting hr at 50 ,which has been normal for me since i can remember. No water retention, everything has been great. Was hoping for better sleep as i suffer from horrible insomnia but no change there.

Have you ever had a sleep study done? I now use a CPAP and its been a big game changer.

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I have not ,will look into it, thank you! I know it’s stress and not being able to turn my mind off but i will definitely look into it!

Yeah its prob not sleep apnea from your description. Mine was causing me to wake both consciously and subconsciously from air gasping and snoring.

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Wait. Your pre TRT TT was in the 700s and a Dr. prescribed TRT?

What? Unbelievable.

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No, your T:E2 ratios are expected for someone on TRT and while some are sensitive to E2, and also testosterone, some are asymptomatic. I have similar T:E2 ratios, but my E2 levels are a little higher.

I feel amazing!

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Here we go again. According to the ranges, his FT is low normal and given his age, he’s at 53% greater risk of high grade aggressive prostate cancer. Still you fail to grasp that FT matters most and NOT the TT and according to the study linked below, “low testosterone is not accurately determined by Total Testosterone”.

Maybe you should sit this one out!

yep, my free was low at 59. I don’t want to be in "normal " ranges. Im on a low dose,80 mg a week. At almost 60 i still want to do a ll the things im doing ( train and teach krav maga, run, lift, spar, BJJ…) at the level im doing them for as long as i possibly can.

Men with FT at the top 25% are at a 53% reduced risks of developing high risk prostate cancer!

Don’t short change yourself.

Why not optimize your levels?

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thank you for the info!

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Don’t speak to me this way first off. It’s not polite or appropriate. Act like an adult.

There are other avenues of at least attempting to increase FT given he has A VERY FAIR AMOUNT of TT in his system now instead of throwing testosterone at him and the Dr. hooking him for life with business.

We have differing opinions. Watch your mouth.


Yeah there was a lack of tact in his response. @sprint51 appears to be a clear case of aging and optimization over total need. He is certainly lowish in FT which is typically where the rubber meets the road. He’s also almost 60 and, as far as averages go, has lived 3/4 of his life. If he wants to optimize his T for the remaining 20 years I suppose that his call. I don’t see huge improvements in guys with close to adequate T but there are certainly some. Seems like the OP is happy so thats the best outcome.

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That’s a lot of incorrect assumptions for one reply.

I’m sorry. What am I assuming?

My whole point is, and then i’ll let you make up your own mind, which seems already made, is that there are ways to increase FT without jumping on TRT.

TRT does indeed have negatives to it. You’re tinkering with sex drive. Mental cognition, mood, etc. I could go on.

Sure it MAY bring benefits, but for one who already has good numbers, why cut off your balls, albeit with fingers crossed? Cause that’s precisely what you’re doing.


Since u apparently can’t comprehend your own statements, my Dr (a relative) had no interest in getting me hooked, I have tried all the other methods to increase free t. Which , here’s that comprehend word again, was low normal. I have no interest in being “normal”. I don’t know what ur daily routine is but mine is not that of a normal 60 year old .My days are spent training and training others in a very physical manner. You do you. Further more, I asked a specific question regarding E2 levels. I didn’t ask ur opinion about whether or not I should be on TRT and couldn’t care less about ur opinion. Regarding all the negative issues u mentioned, the opposite has been the case. Maybe u should sit this one out .


I feel I have to be firm with you because you come across hard-headed and things don’t sink in easily, so some tough love is needed.

Your comment had nothing to do with other avenues to increase FT, you’re backpedaling. This has everything to do with you wearing blinders and solely focusing on the TT to determine whether someone has low-T or should be given TRT.

You never once mentioned the OP FT, you completely ignored it which you do quite regularly, which is why I came down on you so hard.