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Intro and Cycle


What’s up bulkers and cutters…just wanted to introduce myself and the first cycle I plan on starting up soon and constructive criticism or just general thoughts is appreciated just thought
I would post it up as my first post :slight_smile: look forward to sharing and gathering info…

Stats - 5"11, 205lbs (recently cut down from around 250 naturally) unsure of body fat I had it tested at 235 and was 17% at that point. Goals for this cycle are to clean bulk about 15-20 lbs using the time on equals time off rule and start cycle two which will most likely be cyp eq and winny.

Week 1-12 test cyp 500mg per week
Week 1-6 dbol 40mg per day
Arimadex ( still thinking about this one) .5 mg EOD

Pct – clomid / nolvadex

That’s my plan let me know what yall think or even just shout at me and say welcome to the family lol look forward to chatting with you all! Happy lifting


Whats your age? Training history? And diet look like?

-HCG recommended
-One Serm or the other for pct
-Dbol would be better starting week 2 or 3

I swear someone needs to make a flow chart for these common questions


I swear someone needs to make a flow chart on how not to respond like an asshole…listen pal people come to these forums for assistance and warm welcomes would be wonderful. I simply said hello and welcomed myself aboard actually judging by what I’ve read so far I have more information that most do when first joining these forums so excuse me for missing out on one or two things. Now as you wish I am 37 judging by your quick to be a dick answer I would assume your around the same age but peaked at 19.

As for the rest I was training for over 8 years consistently however stopped training a couple of years ago and then got back into it months ago (if you cared enough to notice I had mentioned that I dropped from 250-205 naturally) now if you could be so kind as to explain why only one serm as everywhere I lve read has suggested both of those, and perhaps why you recommend starting dbol on week 2 that would be awesome so let’s start there then we Can discus my diet ect. I apologize for going on the defence man but come on just be helpful no need to flame ppl. Look forward to working together. ð???


First off. If you used the search function or even looked at the first page of posts you would find that the same questions are asked continually over and over and over again. It becomes monotonous answering the same questions day in and day out. That was the reasoning for my comment about the flow chart. I meant no disrespect to you personally. However you way over reacted and honesty don’t deserve a fucking second of my time. But since you did apologize and asked specific questions I would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction

One serm is really all you need. Nolva at 20Mg ED for 5-6 weeks or clomid at 50Mg ED for 4-5weeks

Here are a couple helpful threads regarding PCT

As for starting Dbol at week 2-3… I personally prefer my test levels to have reached peak stable levels before starting.

I have tried both as a kick start and mid cycle. I preferred it mid cycle. Just my personal preference.

As for your Adex. .25 EOD would be a good starting point. Adjust as needed.

And congratulations on your 45lb loss naturally. I’m not demeriting you from you achievements.

Also at your age go get your blood levels checked. Perhaps your a good candidate for TRT.



Hey man I honestly appreciate the response and the links. I apologize for not reading up the other threads a bit more and again apologize for coming off strong on the defence. I appreciate you being understanding and not just flat out ignoring me which many would have done. I will take your advice and consider all of what you said. I put my hand out to you bro thanks again. Bury that hatchet?? Lol