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Intro and Cutting With Meltdown


Heya guys, just a bit of an introduction, so go easy :stuck_out_tongue:

New here, but have read T-Nation for a long time, based in the UK

Just have a bit of a question.

Im about to go on holiday having cut for 4 weeks. After being extremely overweight in my teens i lost a lot of weight going down to 126lbs from 252lbs, im 5ft 10 and currently weight in at 187lbs which i know isnt a huge weight, at about 15% BF

Before i even consider bulking again, i need to for myself cut down to 10 - 12% to complete the goal i set out to do, and give me a better base to bulk upon! Whenever i bulk, due to being left 'skinny fat' if that makes sense from my weight loss, it doesnt work out for me. I'm extremely sensitive to carbs and ive been cutting on a 1700 calorie diet each day with less tha 50g of carbs a day with gd results.

Im pretty lean up top, just the 'spare tyre' round the weight which isnt big, but it ruins my physique imo.

Anyway...I was thinking of combining the T-Dawg diet with Meltdown Training.

Question however is which Meltdown training would you recommend, for the quickest fat loss?

I looked at III and that seems the best for me, incorporating every body part. Am i correct in thinking its a 4 day routine...Monday Tuesday...Thursday Friday?

Meltdown II just looks a bit inpractical due to my gym layout and equip being quite busy.

Any help would be greatly welcomed. Thanks guys!