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Intro + 3.5 Month Transformation

Hey there everyone, I’m new round here so I’ll introduce myself!

I’m Cameron Hill and I’m a rugby player. I have a burning passion for the game, and I’ve gone from a skinny 55kg kid at 14 years old in the school C-team to playing at a semi-professional standard at 18 years old. I’ve put on about 15lbs of muscle in the past 3.5 months over my offseason, going from about 81kg to 87.5kg, while dropping from 12.5% body fat to 10%. I’m 6ft. I work very closely with my coach, Shannon Stewart, who is a coach over at Strength Camp, Elliott Hulse’s gym in St. Petersburg Florida.

From constantly researching ways to get bigger, stronger, and more athletic over the past few years, as well as the methods for developing skills in my sport, I’ve empowered myself and others to achieve their goals. I have very high aspirations for myself in my rugby career. I work closely with trusted mentors and coaches, and pick who i take advice from very carefully, as in the past I have been paralyzed with information overload, and this is without doubt a problem for the majority of people searching the internet nowadays.
I am also now a student of Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University, UK.

I’m here to provide as much value as possible to as many people as possible, while also picking up some tips/resources from those who are more experienced than me. I’m not exactly looking for a muscular physique, and I don’t specifically target aesthetics. I focus on performance first. In my experience, when you perform like a beast, you look like one too.

My hobbies include spending time with friends, and providing as much value as possible to people through my online business. I have a website under construction at the time of posting, and I have a YouTube channel, which I’m just starting to post videos on again. You’ll see a younger, perhaps a little more immature version of Cameron Hill there, but I’m very authentic and genuine so you’ll get a decent representation of who I am. (Just type in Cameron Hill if interested, it’ll come up).

If you ever have any questions for me about anything at all, whether it be personal development, excelling in your sport (including power/oly lifting), or even how to make money online (!) please do contact me/reply to my posts/threads. Helping people where I can is what I love to do! Let’s share some great value with each other and help each other on our journeys.

All the best


[quote=“Cameron.Hill, post:1, topic:221160”]
whether it be personal development[/quote]
Do you acknowledge that your personal 14-week transformation showcases slightly above average results for a teenager who followed an appropriate and intense training/diet plan designed by a professional coach?

What was your longest personal relationship? Should someone buy a home or rent?

How many of your clients can snatch bodyweight? How many of your clients have totaled 1400+ in a PL meet?

What did you make last year? Teenagers giving financial advice is like Karen Carpenter giving cooking lessons.

Cam, your intentions are probably in the right place, but this kind of (thinly veiled) self-promotion is not cool.


Hey Chris, thanks for your reply.

Yes of course, I agree that my results were nothing spectacular, and that it’s possible by anyone. I’m merely sharing my progress, I’m proud of it, but I also recognize how far I have left to go.

None of my clients can snatch bodyweight/have totaled 1400+ in a PL meet, I admit this openly. I’m just starting out, so haven’t been with anyone longer than about 6 months. That’s not an excuse, and we’ll get there at some point. To be honest if you’re shooting for numbers that high, I’ll tell you outright that I’m not the right guy to help you, I don’t have the experience required. I could give you theory, I could give you what’s worked for me up to 1000lbs, but I couldn’t tell you with certainty and from experience. I’m not a power lifter/oly lifter, I use these methods in my training for my sport though.

Point taken re: the financial advice, I’ve only started this year. This was an invitation if anyone wanted to know how it was possible to do it. I’m advanced enough to lay out the basics and direct you to some resources that I’ve found useful myself, but not advanced enough to mentor you all the way to making a million.

And lastly man, thanks for recognizing that my intentions are in the right place. I’m introducing myself here and telling people they can contact me for honest advice. Someone who totals over 1400 at a PL meet is probably not going to get in touch. However, a younger guy/a guy just starting out might have a couple questions that I can help him with.

Anyways man, thanks for sharing your opinion, I’ll try and make it clearer next time.

I like and respect the fact that you have the drive to strike out on your own at this age but please don’t do this, ok? You are not in the least qualified at this time and the consequences of uninformed advice can be pretty bad for the recipient. Focus on gaining knowledge, seeking qualified mentors and growing your own business instead.

Now that that’s out of the way(sorry man, it had to be said), your muscular gains plus a 1,000lb total at this age and within that time-frame are really impressive and it will be great to see how you develop further in your performance and your business. Keep us updated.

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Yeah perhaps you have something for other teenagers but the reality is you’re an 18 year old kid.

Your body is at a highly anabolic stage and your entire responsibility is making sure you don’t shit your own pants. I mean fuck, you could have killed someone a year ago and the consequences could quite possibly already be over for you.

Your decision making revolves around: do I eat, train, see my friends, plays games/tv, study or sleep?

So tell me, what information do you have to offer someone like me where if you dont pay the mortgage your house is taken from you and you live in the street?

Where if you dont wake up at 3am to comfort your baby it is taken from you? Where if you choose to train when you get home from work you have a crying, heart broken kid who doesn’t understand why their dad isn’t spending time with them for a almost entirely selfish reason?

Where you need to negotiate with your partner to get some time to study so you can progress yourself? That for every hour you manage to scavenge for yourself means another couple of hours of other commitments?

Each day has 90 minutes eaten away travelling and somedays you need to stay back at the office until 9pm because at 4pm your boss demands a a report by the morning? Where if you stuff your job then people who depend on you eat are in limbo.

Not to nention your training sessions begin at 430am and you are reading to your kid in bed at 830pm for upto 30 minutes before finally spending some time with your partner who would otherwise begin to resent you.

All that on top of the fact that at our respective ages I need to work 4 times as hard for a quarter of the results. Your joints ache and when you smell a donought instead of your body going great! More calories for muscle your waist expands a cm.

And kid, I actually have it pretty good. There are people travelling 3 hours and more, are working two jobs, have sick parents, have kids with issues, dont have good jobs and need to make their food budget stretch, etc…

You want to mentor people like me and tell me the issue is too much info? Training and eating is the easiest fucking part so kindly go fuck yourself


Yeah I agree man, uninformed advice can be really bad. I’ve worked pretty hard on this though and have been fortunate to be with some really great mentors. I know the basics at least. But thanks for the concern, I appreciate it.

And I also appreciate the encouragement re the gains etc. so thanks for that. Will do.

Hey man, thanks for the reply. I didn’t mean to offend you. And I’m not claiming somehow that I have to deal with anywhere near the kind of challenges you’re saying I have to go through, after all as you’ve said, I’m 18.

I thought I said it but I probably wasn’t clear if I did. I don’t think I have anything to offer you, seems a little weird that an 18 year old would mentor a parent, and in fact you sound like a pretty mentally strong guy, so I think you’d have a lot to offer me. But like you said, I might be able to offer something to people around my age, + or - more or less 10 years, and I’m confident I can do this.

And no I’m not saying all problems are that there’s too much info. I’m saying that was a problem for me, and it’s a problem for a lot of people nowadays, but it’s by no means the biggest problem in my life and probably not in other people’s lives.

So once again, I did not mean to offend anyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and make myself approachable to anyone who felt like it. Hopefully I’ve done that.

All the best.

Cool you are starting to do this so young but there are a lot of more advanced guys than you on this board so it might not be the best idea to post about it on this forum. Maybe other websites you might have more success with less successful guys but as of right now stick to handing out advice when people seek it on here instead of advertise yourself.

You might have better success starting a thread about starting your own training business and asking for advice on growing it and your progress with clients.

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Hey @Chris_Colucci …what’s the policy on cursing out and insulting people here? I’m trying to keep it classy but it’s like this kid is writing his own roast.