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Intriguing supplement?

Found this supplement and have grown with great interest in it, what do you t-maggers think? CARNI-TECH from UNIVERSAL NUTRITION!! would it work as a fat burner?

Well, look at what it contains: Carnitine (see below), Panax Ginseng (worthless), Guarana (herbal caffeine- not good, potency will vary), Green Tea (iffy as a fat burner but okay) and White Willow Bark (herbal aspirin- already removed and no longer used by most supplement companies making ECA stacks.)

Now let’s look at the main ingredient: Carnitine. Here’s what Cy Willson wrote in the “Hot Stuff” article at T-mag.

“This amino acid has been included in a few formulations because of its textbook roles in fat metabolism. Essentially, it transports long-chain fatty acids into the mitchondria to be oxidized and it also modulates the metabolism of coenzyme-A.
So does this mean it’ll increase fat oxidation? Not likely. Carnitine isn’t something that would normally be depleted in the human body. However, if you’re in a severely calorie-deficient state for a prolonged period of time and don’t consume much meat, then you may, in theory, benefit. Even so, there isn’t really any evidence supporting its use. Rating: 2”

So I’d say it sucks the big one!!

Oh, and in case you don’t know here’s why aspirin and willow bark suck: (This is also from the T-mag article.)

"In theory, aspirin could help to increase the efficacy of ephedrine and caffeine and that’s why it’s often included in many fat burners. But when researchers actually looked to see exactly how much aspirin contributed to the overall efficacy of ephedrine and caffeine, they found that it had little, if any, effect. (Despite this, many supplement makers are still including “A” in their ECA stacks.)

Now, normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal if you included something that may or may not help ephedrine and caffeine much in terms of efficacy, but in this case, aspirin can be potentially harmful. It’s been shown that as little as 10 to 75 mg can cause gastrointestinal bleeding in normal humans. This can be life threatening in some cases. Definitely not worth an added 1% in efficacy. (6-11) Also note that some companies use white willow bark, which is sort of an herbal aspirin.

Rating: 1"

wow, there goes that idea. Thanks Tek.