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Intravenous Injection?



I'm wondering what would happen if one were to accidentally inject intravenously (symptoms), and how to make sure to avoid this?


Some people get a taste of it in their mouth and they can have a fit of heavy coughing. Your supposed to aspirate and watch for blood in the syringe.


Oil embolism. You could die, as the oil would get trapped in your heart.


Before you inject the fluid, pull back on the plunger. If blood comes out, you dont inject, if no blood comes out you good to go.


damn thats... serious. How far back should I pull on the syringe?


just enough so you either see air bubbles (good) or blood (bad).


This might be a dumb question but I've always wondered where the air bubbles come from, and where they go once you let go of the plunger


The air bubbles are likely a vacuum. If you are pulling back on the plunger and the tip of the needle is blocked by muscle tissue it creates a vacuum in the syringe. Since liquid cannot expand or contract, it is likely pulling gasses out of the oil to fill the space.
Take one of those kiddie syringes, you know the kind you load up liquid tylenol in? Fill it with water, cover up the tip and pull back. you should see bubbles appearing.


If you were in a vein and aspirated, you would easily draw up a whole syringe full of blood, as quickly as you pulled back the needle.

When most people get the 'cough attack' it is because they knicked a blood vessel while putting the needle in, and some of the oil has been able to intermingle with the blood, and get picked up into circulation. this is a tiny amount, and definitely not the entire syringe full going direct into the circulatory system.
Usually the hub of the needle will confirm this as it will have little traces of blood in it - definitely not the same as if you were directly in a large blood vessel.

In both cases it is best to pull out the needle without injecting and inject at another site.


Hi guys.. as you can probably tell this is a secondary account.

I really, really fucked up. I've been immaculate about this first cycle so far but this morning (few hours ago) I forgot (STUPID) to aspirate while injecting test. enanth.

I will seriously be considering stopping the cycle given that I'm not sure I'm responsible enough in light of this for it but for now I'm gonna focus on my well being.

As I was finishing the glute injection I noticed a little bit of blood in the hub of the needle as P22 mentioned. Maybe two small droplets. No real pain. As I took the needle out however I bled a bit, I'm sure I hit a blood vessel, not sure whether I injected in it though. I cleansed the wound, put a plaster out and slapped myself a few times for my fucking stupidity.

I feel OK now but REALLY worried, reading P22's post on oil emboliosis.

Should I head to the hospital?


No, that's just normal bleeding, or you injected through a vein,or nicked one. If you injected into one you would already know it. Just be carefull from now on.


Thank you.. I'll keep an eye out for the symptoms for my safety anyway. This sort of scare is just what I needed to truly turn my injections into a ritual. I wouldn't want my famous last words to be "I didn't aspirate"