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Intravenous GH Administration?


is anyone still currently practicing this method? I have read enough studies now to know that this would be a far superior route of administration. But I also know that three to four injections a day using IV route can be troublesome. I'm not "scared" per se, I have no problem doing this as I'm very competent.

What I am concerned about is the frequency of injecting in this manner will almost guarantee a few mishaps that could be very unhealthy. Sure if it was once a day I could almost see it, but three times a day, finding a new spot, making sure you're in, and then more importantly making sure you're not screwing up a valve OR giving yourself a hemotoma.

I know that openly discussing the procedures would be a no no, but I'm wondering if anyone could generally speak on their experience with this and talk about the pros and cons they experienced.


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I am doing 5iu's/day Monday to Fiday, split 3 times a day : Morning, preworkout and post.
All are IM shots.
If i were to do IV shots, should the dose and frequency be the same and just change from IM to IV?


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Can i do 1iu am, 3iu's pretraining and 1iu post training?
For the IV shot, do i use the same insulin pin and scringe that i use for the IM shot or should a bigger needle and scringe be used?

Thanks BBB, appreciate the reply.


You get pharma-quality gear? I would be worried about IVing anything short of Humatrope/Saizen/etc.