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Intramuscular Injection Help


Hey everyone,

Just got a few questions about intramuscular injection. Been doing a fair bit of research on this since everything else seems to be pretty straight forward to me. Can someone enlighten me on a few tips/proper way to inject?

The main problem is everything I've read, says to 'stretch the skin tight'. Then inject. I've looked up various youtube videos, some seem to just grab a whole bunch of skin, like lift it up and inject into it. Some people seem to just throw the needle into their leg. I've seen people just leave the needle wobbling in their leg.

Is what I've read correct, and are the guys on youtube just idiots?
Or can you leave the needle dangling in your leg?
Do you lift up the skin instead of stretching it tight?

Does it matter if I push the needle in fast or slow?

I'm still researching everything, I don't have any gear so I'm not planning to inject tomorrow or anything like that. Just can't seem to find straight answers on some of these.


I inject glutes and since short also quads. I disinfect the area (alcohol tissue), and just stick it in fast with a smooth motion. Once inside I keep it as steady as possible with 1 hand while using the other to aspirate and inject if ok.

Fast or slow depends on your own liking. When you remove a patch from your skin, do you take it of slowly or not? It's about the same thing...


Sounds like you were watching videos of subcutaneous injections, not intramuscualr.

You dont want to leave a needling dangling. Not sure why thatd ever need to be done anyway.

I know this isnt that helpful but it would take too long to explain the whole procedure. There are good websites explaining IM injections. DOnt use youtube.


There is a website with the name "steroid" being the main name of the domain explaining and showing how to inject and where


Thanks a lot for the feedback. I was quite sure from what I've read that I knew everything, then when I saw those video's on youtube I was like 'WTF'.

I've read a few books which explain how to inject, I just wanted to see a few videos of it actually being done.

I'll check out the website mentioned above.

Would injecting a blank/empy needle just to get the hang of it be a dumb idea?


Yes its about as dumb as asking the question.
Its not that hard, just get good instructions and relax when u do inject.


Fair enough, that's it for my questions for now then, thanks!