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Intramuscular Edema?


Hey clan,

Me again. I was at GNC tonight to by some more GU carb gel. Man I love that stuff. Anyway, I was also checking out some creatine while I was there. Anyone heard of the stuff?

The gentleman proceeded to tell me that it's all the rage over in the states. But he warned me about the cheap stuff, stating that it leads to "intramuscular edema"! I don't know what that is, but it sure sounds bad. So I bought the most expensive bottle they had. It's the effervescent kind, and since today's 3 hour run was so intense, I think I'll go have me a bubblebath!



There are probably hundreds of different posts on this site about creatine, if you do a search you will be able to find plenty of info. There are some good articles about how much to use and when etc.

You will also find that a large percentage, if not the majority, of posters on this site take creatine.

As for the intramuscular edema. I have NFI. Sounds more like a selling point more than a fact based on scientific research though. Someone please let me know if I am wrong though.

If you are buying pure creatine there should be no difference in the composition of the product (assuming that all products advertised as pure creatine are actually pure creatine) and therefore it should not matter whether a tub costs you $20 or $100.


Edema is related to soft tissue swelling. It is not a term used for muscle. Someone took the fact that your muscles can absorb water (which anyone who has ever carb loaded already knows) and tried to make that a negative. The sad thing is, there will be uninformed people who fall for it.

Just to make it clearer, it is like someone saying, "Don't lift weights because it causes severe 'myo-gigantism'". In other words, it causes muscles to grow because "myo" refers to muscle and "gigantism" refers to overgrowth. Since I used a word that sounds like a disease, however, you might actually think this is a bad thing.

"Intramuscular edema" is simply using random medical terms to say the muscles increase in size due to hoilding more water. Gee, that is what creatine does. But hey, it sounds like a disease.


i belive intramuscular edema is water retintion in the muscle.