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Intramural Strong Man?


Hey guys, I'm toying with trying to start an intramural strong man club at my university. Since i'm not really sure of the basic equipment/prices or how effective it is to build the stuff by yourself, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with that.

Note: totally unrelated. I haven't tested my 1 RM with a barbell for a while in Bench Press, and I think my 1 RM with DBs is 90x2. Is there a general rule of thumb for conversion? Obviously it's going to be different for different people, but I wondering in general if it was about the same for BB and DB.


Howdy -

Tires = free at a dealer. You'll just have to transport it, pickups are great, may have to rent a U-haul for a day.

Kegs = free. Easiest way to deal with them is have a welder cut off the tap part and put on a short piece of 2" threaded pipe and use a screw-on cap. Easy to adjust.

Farmer's walk - ontario strongman has a great description of how to make tightwad implements.

Stones - actual stones are fairly expensive just by nature of materials and the molds. I'd advise going natural rock hunting at first, then saving up for a few. Where are you? The less shipping the better; talk to Murph at TPS in the New England area or Art McDermott if he's distributing (not sure).

Yoke - you COULD make one if you have the necessary tools, but if not, Alumatech makes a great model that you can take apart for storage.

Log - buying one is just about as cheap as making one, honestly, unless you happen to already have a lot of steelworking tools.

Southern Strongman makes good logs and a cool combo Viking Press/Car deadlift/Conan's wheel thing, I'd advise checking it out.

Sandbags are free, too, or cheap to buy a duffel and some small bags wrapped in tape.



Usually benchpress is higher than dumbell, but it's really tough to say if you have benched in a while. Hit the gym and find out by working up.