Intra Workout Nutrition

I know intra workout I should be drinking whey Isolate and carbs. If the whey also has a significant amount of fat such as MCTs in it (e.g. muslce milk) would that slow absorption rate and thus not be ideal?

Additionally, besides the standard whey and carbs what else are going in your intra workout shakes?

I keep my workouts under 60 minutes as per Waterbury, so not much peri-workout nutrition for me besides BCAAs. Of course, make sure to ingest maltodextrose and whey pre-workout and your Surge PWO.

i eat about 1 or 2 hours before my workout, no longer, and not right before my workout. BCAA’s about 15-30 mins before training and halfway through, Surge PWO.

I started using an intra-workout shake a few months ago and swear by the results. Less fatigue, higher strength levels later in the workout, etc. I use whey, some simple carbs, and a BCAA powder, though at times I didn’t use the BCAA and still found the shake to be of benefit.

Muscle milk is casein, not whey, afaik. Not so good for intra-workout nutrition imo. Too heavy, or it would be for me.