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Intra-Workout Nutrition Confusion


Hey this thread is just informative, not for flaming etc.
So from what i understand and what i have read on most sites, you need cortisol during trainig to maximize gains. and the harder cortisol stimulus is more IGF-1, testosterone, and GH release is. and on this site TC, CT and Chris Shugart say intra workout carbs and protein are best for muscle growth. and since carbs and even protein will raise insulin dulling cortisol, how is this better?

again please im just curious not here to start and flaming war or anything


Since this is your first post, here is my take: workout nutrition, like most aspects of diet and training, is a leap of faith. You sometimes just need to give things a go and see the results. Here would be my argument for the intra protocol: (1) there is good science that has been around for years showing intake of simple carbs and fast-acting protein during training can extend performance and may control cortisol. (2) while growth hormone and T-levels can be raised during a workout, according to the science these are quite minimal and in no way mirror the hormonal changes achieved by drugs. (3) what does glycogen depletion during a workout actually achieve? Perhaps it earns you the right to eat carbs afterwards but the pay-off seems to be at the expense of point (1), i.e. performance. I personally shunned intra-workout carbs for years but after several months on anything from 30-80g CHO per session (depending on what my activity levels are), I have noted increased performance coupled with improved recovery. I can therefore see no reason to ditch it. If there is a caveat then it is carb quality and timing, which is another topic. You need to do your homework and ensure your insulin levels don’t dip pre-workout, or during, but, as I said, a good plan (and products) negate this factor.