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Intra-Workout Carbs


hi all
am curious about using carbs intra workout. Most people seem to tell me not to, as it negatively effects growth hormone. However surely it would have an effect on insulin, which is better than growth hormone anyway, and supps such as Surge seem to show intra carbs are clearly not all bad.

Was wondering what carbs you would suggest I was planning on mixing dextrose with caesin hydroslate then adding whey to the mix for post.

I would use Surge / MAG-10 mix but its not financially realistic at the moment due to being a student.

Thanks for any advice you guys can offer.


The growth hormone response to weight training has been grossly over exaggerated in regards to physique enhancement. Just not enough of a GH spike for any sustainable levels to have a significant effect. Personally, I'm a fan of pre/intra workout carbs. Try for yourself and see how you respond, making sure to give it enough time to evaluate.


I don't notice a big difference compared to just having a meal with some carbs an hour or two before hitting the gym.


none unless you are doing ultra endurance, then whatever your stomach likes at 200c/h


You really only need BCAA's + gatorade. You could get some gatorade and pour some BCAA powder in there, or just swallow a handful of BCAA tablets with your gatorade every few sets. The important part is to have some carbs in your pre-workout meal so you aren't starving by the time you get to the gym (in my experience). 1/2 cup oats + 4 eggs + berries = one awesome pre-workout meal.


I would dilute the gatorade though with a lot of water. You want to be drinking a lot of water during your lifting... how MUCH water is highly dependent on the individual but 900-1200ml works best for me.


cheers for the advice guys


I just ate your pre-workout meal + a nectarine and a coffee about ten minutes ago and I'm still starving. How can you work out on that? You're waaaaay bigger than me.


Honestly for as big as I am, it really doesn't take a lot of food for me to feel full. But keep in mind in my eggs are ham, green peppers, and onion, plus it's got some coconut oil in there. The 1/2 cup of oats has a splash of chocolate Grow (big deal, just mentioning it), and the berries is about 1 cup. It's probably the fiber? I don't know... lol. I just know that is a filling meal for me. But if I'm not lifting in 2 or so hours after that, well, that's no good.


Oh lol you mean an omelette, that'll make a bit of a difference compared to 4 hard boiled eggs :smiley:

I only seem to have 2 states, starving and OMFG full. It's a real challenge getting a meal in pre-workout that doesn't leave me hungry or too much food that I feel bloated working out that doesn't include ice cream. I just drink water and a cup of coffee while I'm working out, might have to change that.

Sorry for the hijack, zak.


who the fudge eats hard boiled eggs? ew.


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Carbs mid workout aren't meant to be utilized for energy levels. They are to be used as a transportation for BCAA's, Glutamine, Creatine, or whatever you're taking intra-workout. As mentioned above, you can mix Gatorade with you BCAA's for a good intra-workout drink. A better cocktail would be a double serving of Gatorade powder, your BCCS's and such, and your choice of Dextrose, Waxy Maize, or Karbolyn. The latter will act as the primary transporter for your supps. The double dose of Gatorade isn't for the sugar, but for the sodium content. Sodium helps to flush lactic acid as it travels through your bloodstream and tissue. I lift for an hour, so I chug a 1/4 of my drink every 15 minutes. If definitely gives a jump start to muscle recovery. I can tell the difference when I don't use it, especially on leg day.


I eat 6+ every day ... Tastay!

Never got gas from them, but then girls don't get gas :smiley:


Oatmeal gives me more gas than eggs. Odd.


I like the protein/sugar/sports drink intra-workout also:
Orange creme soda = French Vanilla Whey Orange powder Gatorade ice right after my snatch and before my clean and jerk (or after first major exercise).