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Intra-Workout Carbs: Plazma vs The World


If I have to choose one or the other as far as importance I would have to say the carb but the protein is just as important for protein synthesis (immediate fuel and rebuild) and to avoid any muscle breakdown…

The hydrolyze casing is in a league of its own that’s why earlier I mentioned I wouldn’t take a low quality protein along with the highly branched cyclic dextrin, it would just get in the way of digestion and be a waste of money


Thank you, Arash. I like being able to prioritize supplementation for the times when my cash-flow is not awesome :grinning:


You could use a EAA mix with the hbcd, making sure to get a complete protein prior to the training and Solid WHOLE meal afterwards.

30- 45min pre
.5cup baby rice cereal (gerber)=24g carb
97% whey iso 27 to 35 he protein
1 teaspoon pb2
1tablespoon butter
10gr fat

25 to 50 gr hbcd
4gr l leucine
Other aminos in the mix

Within an hour of session
6oz top round
200 to 400 gram Jasmine rice


I’m traveling for business in Vegas right now, and don’t have much time to respond (awake at 5:30 ohio time, it’s nearly midnight ohio time now, and i’m still working), but I wanted to say thank you for this.

I asked Arash about which part of Plazma is more important because of the price point. I just found some hbcd in and of itself and was planning on buying that and mixing it with my aminos for intra and see how that works.

I’m already doing the pre-meal, and post is just oatmeal currently, so I can beef that up with some beef and then eat dinner with the lady after that.

Thank you for posting this, as it was exactly what I was considering, and now I have somebody backing my own thoughts. Much appreciated!


Another reason to use Plazma versus some of the other brands is that… well the other brands lie.

There was a facebook post today showing some of the results of another brands product via lab testing and it wasn’t pretty.


If you have the time could you post the cost per serving, and the macros?

The thing I have noticed is that per serving PLAZMA is actually not that bad (consid also that it is 15-20% off of its listed price with discount codes), and many other (every?) brand essentially is “cheaper” but the serving is half the size.

For example:

Intra MD is $1.50/serving at the cheapest place I could find, and has 120 cals, 30g Cyclic Dextrin and 17.5g of select EAA’s (note, NOT a full complement of amino acids like PLAMZA)

PLAZMA is $2.80/serving and has 210 cals, 38g Cyclic Dextrin and Isomaltulose, and 15g of Hydro Casein, Betaine, and an Electrolyte profile.

The Intra MD has a little voodoo going on with the calories because the EAA’s arent counted as cals, but you can see the PLAZMA blend is a bit more substantial.

TrueNutrion custom blend is like $1.10 with hydro whey, and like $1.50 for Pepto Pro and HBCD, with an electrolyte add on. Never tried this but its one of those “home brews” people love to make.

I think the issue some people have is that they have recommended as many as 3-4 servings in the peri-workout window (1 pre, and 3 during) which would make each workout cost like $11… or almost $50 a week for a 4 day/week plan. At one serving per workout it becomes much more feasible… but results may scale down quite a bit as well.


Hmmm… Anyone using or interested in Intra MD might want to read Meadows latest facebook status update. Not good.


I was just going to say that…here it is:

Please read:

I continue to receive questions asking if I am part of Prime Nutrition.

The answer is unequivocally no. I am not associated with them in any way, shape, or form.

For those of you who supported me and bought their products, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Unfortunately, I have never received 1 penny of the residual income I was promised for the delivery of IntraMD (which became Prime’s flagship product) as a formulator. There were other major compensation issues between Prime and myself as well, but due to legal reasons I can’t get into those.

There is a much bigger issue here that needs to be addressed though.
What is most disappointing, is that I was recently warned about the products with my name on them; that they likely did not have the ingredients (nor the doses) that were in the formulas I gave to Prime. My word is my bond, and I do not put my name on anything unless I believe in it. I know what it’s like to manage a tight budget, and the last thing I want is for men and women to throw away their hard earned dollars on something that does not meet label claims, or worse, contain none of the listed ingredients as advertised in the products.

I wanted to know if this was true, so I spent a few thousand dollars of MY OWN money to have the products tested for 2 ingredients, for starters - Teacrine, and Hydromax. The testing was done by one of the most reputable labs in the US. On the first test we had a container of IntraMD EAA sent to the lab that was purchased from the Vitamin Shoppe. The results of the first test were well below label claim for Hydromax. This was the only ingredient I had tested due to expense. I then had a second test done on IntraMD EAA that was sent directly to the lab from Amazon (where it was purchased), to confirm and verify the first set of tests that were performed. I had hydromax tested again, and added teacrine to this test as well. What you see attached are the result’s of the 2nd test. Needless to say it was another substandard result that validated the first. - NO teacrine was found in the product.

  • 44% of label claim for Hydromax was found.
    See my Facebook as well.


I saw that, like I said comparing it to glycofuse didn’t seem right.