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Intra-Workout Carbs from Natural Food Sources?

I know that there are such suplements but what’s the best option for intra workout carbs that are from natural food sources?

I’m guessing, maybe coconut water?


There’s really no comparable alternative, especially for intra workout (as in, during the workout). This article explains why: https://www.t-nation.com/supplements/what-you-dont-know-about-workout-supplementation

Solid foods will always be second-best to a specific workout supplement. If you have absolutely no alternative, you want simple carbs, easy digesting protein, and minimal fat/fiber before training; water during the session; and a mix of complex/simple carbs, easy digesting protein, and minimal fat/fiber after training.

As far as the carbs in particular (though you don’t want to have just carbs when training), some IIFYM guys use training as an excuse to throw down gummy bears and other candy. Simple white rice has been a bodybuilding staple forever. They were also using bananas and honey for “workout energy” decades ago.

Watermelon juice with added sugar and salt? :wink:

I wouldn’t be able to eat anything during a workout

I used to feel the same, but I got used to it. Also HSCD is particularly easy on the stomach because of super low osmolality. The low osmolality actually even lets you use less water than directed because it won’t pull water into the stomach and out of the bloodstream.