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Intra-Occular Pressure and Deads ?


Was not sure where to post this.
Has anyone here expirienced eye pain while deadlifting near max ?

Seems when I am up and over 85% of max, the amount of pain in my eyeballs
starts to increase greatly. This only happens with Deads and not squats.

At the age of 48 I am worried about the long term effect on my eyesight.

This has been happening on and off the last two years.

I will NOT give up my deadlift, unless this is long term eyesight threatening.

Thanks for all the feedback.


I definitely will feel pressure on heavy sets but I wouldn’t consider it pain. I have blown blood vessels in my eyes before squatting and deadlifting and my eye was red for a while.


I have talked about intraocular pressure and weightlifting extensively on this thread:

Note also that the ‘pressure’ feeling you’re experiencing might stem from orbital congestion rather than elevated IOP.

I would suggest getting a complete eye exam with an ophthalmologist (an eye MD), being sure to clue him/her in about your pressure sensation. Based on the exam, s/he should be able to stratify your glaucoma risk for you.


the Glaucoma is what i am really worried about developing.
Thankfully I run naturally low BP (90/64) and HR (resting 45+/-), with a fairly solid food intake.
So I do have good perfusion of tissues throughout my body.

EyeDentist, thanks for the posting of your article.

Next stop Opthalmologist !