Intra-nasal delivery of prohormones

I can get bulk powder of hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin complexed 4-androstenediol. My question is how can I make a sterile solution for intra-nasal delivery? I remember a article a while back where Brock mentioned using a saline-based nasal spray to make the solution and that a couple of squirts would be equal to 25mg of 4-androstenediol. What nasal spray is best to use? Now if HBCD-testosterone has a solubility of 5.14 mg/mL, comparitively HBCD-4-androstenediol would need approximately 5 mL per 25mg dose! That’s a wopping couple of sprays up the nose! Brock, could you shed some light on the subject?

Bro, tried that stuff and Androsol works 10 times better. Just spring for the Androsol. The most effecient way to take a cyclodextrine tab would probably be as a suppository (ack). Do us a favor and use the spray.