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Intra and Post Workout Supplements for Depressed 2A?

Hey Coach,
Title pretty much says it all.
I’m a chemically depressed 2A with many 1A tendencies.
Im wanting advice in 2 areas. General, quality of life supplements for a guy like me. As well as optimal recovery supplements. I live in Thailand so I cannot get biotest supplements. But I can get things in their base form like highly branched cyclic dextrin as a plazma replacement

Did you already do a blood test to see if there is nothing wrong ? low testosterone ? Poor sleep ( sleep apnea ) ?

I do have low t. But the depression is something that I’ve been dealing with for 20 years. Just didn’t know if maybe there were some training related things to help mitigate. Mainly in regards to recovery. I feel like that would have a big impact

and what about your night sleep ? what your workout look like ?

I sleep well I average 7 hours on the week days. 8-9 on the weekends. Currently I’m doing thibarmys “Optimal Strength for the natty Athlete”. I’ve been training for years though