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Intolerant to Green Veg?


I've been getting random bloating and irritable bowels (confirmed as IBS by my G.P.) for the past 2-3 years. The most recent bout drove me up the wall - about 2 months of constant discomfort. Although my diet was at least 90% clean - lean meats, eggs, nuts, plenty of fruit & veg, whey protien, fish oil, rice, potatoes, the occasional treat etc., I recently came across a website that said fibrous green veg such as broccoli, green beans, peas etc. (which I eat every day), could be part of the problem.

So about 1 1/2 weeks ago I pretty much cut out green veg (had a small salad with a steak earlier today). Within a day or so the discomfort had pretty much gone. Bliss. Is it possible to continue long-term without green veg? It's making my meals rather plain and I'm not full for very long so I'm worried I'll start eating more snacks and consume too many calories. I won't be able to train harder and more frequently to compensate as both my shoulders are impinged and my knees hurt if I'm not careful. Anyone in or been in the same boat and know a solution? All I can think of are supplements like Superfood, but they taste aweful (did a V-Diet in May 2010). Broccoli tastes like sweets in comparison.


Hey bro, i have to be very careful about the greens i eat because in the last 8 months ive been dealing with parasites, c diff infection, and now yeast infection all of the GI tract. This basically shut down my ability to digest everything except small amounts of meat without cramps bloating distention diarrhea and all that.

now to you --> I would try digestive enzymes, though if your troubles are with high fiber foods in general you may have stressed your bowels and the reasons for irritated bowels are just to numerous to list. Lettuce seems to be the least irritating in my opinion, for me probiotics, enzymes, and beta glucan have helped tremendously in repairing my gut lining and allowing me to tolerate rougher foods like greens. Yes greens are pretty hard to digest, most are high in fiber which is undigestible.

My only other reccomendation is to intake your fiber from sources that dont bother you, nuts, grains, a fiber supplement. And then juice the rest of your greens.


I have same problem with certain veggies. Spinach will give me the runs within a couple hrs of eating it every time. Brocoli too much gas, green peas no problem. Cauliflower no problem etc., I'm sure you get the point. You have to figure out the culprits and eliminate them.


serious question, how much do you chew?

as for the taste of Superfood, try mixing it with some diet flavored green or white tea like the type they sell at gas stations.


Digestive Enzymes FTW.


Which one do you take?


I'll PM it to you, I don't think the mods like when you post other supplements on the boards. I did a ton of research though, tested a couple different ones, and found the best one based on that.


PM me too if you could. I'll respond with what I'm taking currently. Thanks.

I've been doing a lot better with digestion by eliminating wheat from my diet and by incorporating several gut healing supplements.


NOW Digestive Enzymes. good stuff.


Oh, ANDY...


You are not "intolerant" to green vegetables...it's the cellulose (?) or the insoluble fiber that your body has a tough time breaking down. You might have to cook the veggies slightly and/or try some digestive enzymes. Also, pickled foods (ginger, kimchi) are good to eat with your veggies.

I also have 1 TBSP of apple cider vinegar with foods that are tougher for me to digest.

Trader Joe's sells a green bag of chewey/gummy ginger candies. I'll have one after a meal (sucking on it to produce saliva) or I'll brew some ginger tea.

I bet BulletProofTiger takes DGL and glutamine...


I haven't checked this thread for a few days, so thanks for the input everyone.

I am a pretty fast eater. I spend ages cooking food and then only about 5 minutes eating it! This thought crossed my mind too, so I'm trying to take my time with my meals now.

Digestive enzymes seem to be a popular suggestion so I'll give them a shot soon.

BBB once suggested glutamine which I tried, but it didn't seem to help.

I think that I was just stressing my gut without giving it enough time to recover.