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Into the Deep End

But will it post this time?

Third time’s a charm. Greetings to all. Iv’e spent time here and enjoyed it very much. So why wouldn’t I just jump in? My time/access is very limited, but I have been very motivated and educated while aboard. I’ll be starting slowly, but starting none the less. By the way, I did a post of my “deadlift PR”. It still makes me laugh and perhaps you will as well. I hope to make time for a proper introduction soon. God speed to all my brothers and sisters!

As my new starting point, I did a back/pulling workout today. Felt pretty good overall, let’s see.

warmup: widepulldown @ 120
over-head shrug W/long bar
Hyper X W/ 25 plate
Rotator Wave W/ 10 D.B.
10 reps each for a giant set, 3 times w/90 sec. in between.

High Pull: 15 @ 65lbs. (2)
8 @ 95lbs. (2)

Hang clean: 8 @ 95 lbs.
8 @ 135 lbs. (3)
For the record, I get 4 from the hanging start then, the last 4 pulling off the ground, working on it.

Rack Pull: 12 @ 135
(4" below knee) 8 @ 225 (2)
Then things got strange…
3 X 3 @ 275
2 X 2 @ 315
1 X 6 @ 225
2 X 2 @ 315
1 X 8 @ 225
Don’t know why, but it really felt great!

Chin-ups : 5 X 6
with high rear delt cross 12 @ 22.5
on cable station. 90 sec. in between.

Seated Row: 4 X 12 @ 92.5 (max for cable station)

That’s it. Looks odd as I re-read it but, there it is. Lord I hope it posts.

Now I’m rolling, let’s keep it up.

Chest/push a little workout...8.2.08

Incline fly: 10 @ 20lbs
w/press superset 10 @ 30
(30 deg.) 10 @ 40 (2)

Low Incline Press: 15 @ 90
8 @ 135
8 @ 155
Here we go again… 3 X 3 @ 175
2 X 2 @ 185 (p.r.)
1 X 5 @ 155
1 X 2 @ 185
1 X 8 @ 155
Just like before, I don’t know why I did this “wave” thing…but I liked it. Two workouts ago, I got 175 lbs. for one ugly, shaking rep. This workout made me happy. And isn’t that why we’re all here?

Flat Hammer press: 12 @ 50
2x8 @ 60
2x6 @ 70

Push Press : 2 x 12 @ 90
3 x 5 @ 135

Dips: 4 X 6 w/45 plate hanging

delt fly 12 @ 15 lbs.
12 @ 20 (2)
8 @ 25

Finally… 20 push-ups w/20 bench dip
3 supersets
…and, print. Again, it felt more balanced than it looks. Perhaps I was thrown off when I actually benched MORE than my body weight, for once. Up, up and away.

Good work there! Glad you started a log!

That’s the truth.

nice work. squat day next?

Lower body. Great. I’m going back to a routine that I did before my cutting month (June, that’s another story). For now, I’d just like get back to heavier-ish weights. Then, start something to bring my quads and calfs up some. At any rate, here we are.

Leg press 4X15 @ 270
This is a pre-fatigue, machine is unsteady and I just don’t trust it with more.

Front Squat:   12 @ 95 (2)
 close-stance   8 @ 135 (2)
               3x6@ 190

Standing Calf: 2X15 @ 140
3x8 @ 225

R.deadlift: 2x12 @ 135
3x 5 @ 225

Seated Calf: 4x8 @ 225

Leg Extention: 2x15 @ 65
3x12 @ 85

Sinlgle-leg 3x12 @ 25 lbs. D.bells
deadlift…don’t remember why?

I need to focus on some inner-quad work and calfs, backside always does well. I’ll look for some info around here, maybe try something new. God speed to all.

Thats a lot of work there!

Yeah, nice work, keep it up!

legs are gonna ache tomorrow.

Noticeably missing are HIIT sessions of Five Stroke Rolls, Paradiddles, Flams, and Swiss Army Triplets… :wink:

Always great to see another log!

I did this leg day 8.2.08, then pulled a couple days later…bad idea. Got through it but it wasn’t very comfortable. I should probably re-arrange my lifting order, when I can of course. That said, I’m pushing again on thursday, then legs again on friday…we’ll see how it goes.

BTW, SteelyD, I was doing some double-pedal work at home after legs, not good! not smooth at all. Cocktails and a foam roller, mans’ new best friends. Almost forgot, I still feel the leg day, ain’t that a bitch.

I have to correct myself, for the sake of clarity. My dates/posts got mixed up.

8.1: push
8.2: Legs
8.3: Off
8.4: Pull
8.5: off
8.6: 0ff
8.7: Push
8.8: legs…so far, so good. I’m going to crank away for another 20 days. Then, I’ve got a grinding 6 x 12 hour work schedule, which I am NOT used to. That will be a break for me. Anyway, let’s all get to work. Iv’e forgotten the Ab work I throw in a few times a week…and what about the “shoulder and arms” once in a while? So much work to do. Maybe next post.

I thought I’d throw out some ab work that I love to do. Love? Anyway, I often do some super-seted with whatever other warm-up circuts I might be doing. Then I’ll finish my ab work as a break in my lifting. Perhaps between deadlifts and pull-ups for example. I’ve taken to alternating two moves, back and forth, for 4 sets each. Works well, and goes by fast.

Hanging knee lift with slide-outs (on rower, don’t ask!)

Rope crunch (heavy) with incline reverse crunch.

Woodchopper (up and down) with,wait for it, more slide-outs on the rowing machine. These are my favorite three combos. Very effective when I really focus. I say, let them stare. If you wana know fine, if not, give a guy some space!

Perfectly good plan shot to hell. Last night I fell off my during-the-week-wagon and had a few drinks. The good news is, I landed on a very attractive girl! Mabye that belongs in another thread.

Anyway, took today off, friday Push, sat legs and we are back on track…Whole body feels rested and ready to go…Finally a good nights sleep, it’s certainly been awhile for that.

Do you have any videos to download of this falling and landing incident? Would like to check your form.

Once again I find myself in error. I was not clear with my low incline press above. All of these sets are done on a power rack with adjusting safety bars. I always lift alone, in fact, I’m often the only person in the gym period.

Once I’m all set up, the pins are just above my chest, say 2"? But as of my last push day, I “waved” up to get 2x1 @ 195. I’n NOT doing these touch and go, I lower the bar to the pins, keeping tension, wait a beat then power it back up. gotta run

…and there it is. Pin press, that’s what I’m doing. Still, un-racking the weight, LOWERING the bar ect…I can feel every pound on that bar! I’m pretty happy with my bar speed and path of movement.

I did go for 205 at the end, didn’t get it. Got stuck mid-way up and just held it there, out of spite of course, for a good 5 seconds I’d say.

BTY-My nanny-cam malfunctioned during “The Incident”, only the memories remain! Sorry ecogenx.

What a couple of shit days lifting, if you call it that. You know when you show up and just can’t get it going? What a drag. Slept alright, ate well, showed up and nothing. Half-assed 8x4 front squats, rotator stuff, calf raise, abs…just doing circuts for about 45 minutes…then I just pulled the plug. More of the same today. Tuesday I’m pulling and I’m already getting pissed off about it. I gotta get my mind right. Maybe steak for breakfast, that sounds good.