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Into Survivalism


Anyone else into survivalism?

Some good links:



so this is for people who want to play Fallout in real life?


Cool shit man. Thanks.


i remember this graffiti site had a thread about free shit.

i ended up getting this white sticker things used for mail and a cattle marker, which is basically just a weird kind of marker that is super permanent...and you can right on walls and shit with it.




There used to be a site called Frugal Squirrel's that had tons of good articles, but it doesn't look like the same site anymore.


I got my propaganda, I got revisionism,
I got my violence in hi-def ultra-realism.
I'm a part of this great nation.
I got my pen I got my fist I got survivalism.


eh...the only thing semi-good that trent's written since he went sober.


I'm into surviving.

Here are a few sites I've been known to frequent. Not all are "survival" oriented per se, but a lot of good information nonetheless.



I would also recommend www.commanderzero.com



I will post this one, because it's one I heavily rely on for self-defense type stuff that could fit under the umbrella of survivalism.



I really like Marc MacYoung, and have read a good number of his books.

One thing on that site that caught my eye, though, Irish, is the bit about "most violence occurs between people who know each other."

It made me think of your circle of twenty or thirty close friends, and the amount of abuse that you all fling at each other. I can't imagine that not turning into a good-natured fistfight every once in a while.

Particularly when our 12-year-old mutual friend is involved.

(You know the one I mean.)


In that vein: http://www.themartialist.com/


Hahaha. It sure does. Oh do I have stories... but let's say no one really fucks with you once they see that you beat each other's asses only to call it a day and drink at the same bar later that night.

And Marc Macyoung is my favorite. I like Loren Christensen and Lawrence Kane and Peyton Quinn, but Macyoung always has that feel like I fucking know him... or I've known twenty guys in my life that were just like him.


This Air Force Survival Guide is really good. Picked it up in the bargain section of Barnes and Noble for $10.