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Into Post From a Hard Gainer


Hey Everyone! Been following T-Nation for a while now. Had my ups and downs with gaining mass. I love running and have kind of come to terms with being a ripped sleek guy. Still love chopping it up with the easy gainers and talking about powerlifting.

Hope to have some great conversation here.




I think I found the cause of your "hard gainer disease".


Very few here were/are easy gainers. It was/is a long and hard road to get to our respective points.


do you squat or deadlift at all?


No such thing as a 'hard gainer', only someone who hasn't solved their issues yet. I used to run 3x a week and play Hockey when I was in college. All the time, busting my butt in the weight room 7 days a week. I thought I was a hard gainer too... silly me.



You like to talk to the easy gainers huh? How did you make the transition from your own kind? Did you hang out with the medium gainers first?


When I was growing up, the easy gainers were forbidden from socializing with anyone except their own kind. They had to sit in the back of the gym.


Except for me. Lifes a breeze. Look how easy everything is for me. I cruise through, no hard work on my end.....


Internet trolling is such a weird thing to waste one's time doing.


u aint got sheeit on dis guy





If by great conversation you mean great arguments, those dreams of yours will come true here at T-Nation.

Anyways, if your gonna claim your a hard gainer, I'm gonna agree with prof X and say that you should not divulge your love of running. Google some people who made it to the top as far as marathon runners go and tell me that's the physique you desire... If that's not the case, you most likely want to be a bodybuilder, you want to look like that ripped muscular physique of whatever idol satisfies that vain image we all have of our perfect body.

All of that running your doing is depleting the hormones you need to build the body you actually want. It may feel good with that runners high, your pores open sweating your balls off on the treadmill or pavement but you can accomplish the same exact feeling with an all out 45 minute session of bodybuilding at it hardest and finest while actually getting the body of your dreams.


Im an easy gainer, what do you want to talk about? :slightly_smiling:


I used to be a hard gainer. I stopped running and started eating 8 times a day and was able to put on 35 lbs in about a year.


hiiiiii jacob


Ignore all the wise guys on here, obviously you meant you like shootin' the shit -- regardless of the topic. I feel you on that. Welcome, check out thibs carb codex, eat rigth w/ the right workout plan, and this hardgainer thing will become an issue of the past - As The STU said...


Aaand stop the running for God's sake...Prowl


you're a runner as well?? so basically you're a self made hard gainer? why? anyway, it all depends what's important to you. do you want the physique or do you want running? you likely just have average genetics with the same capability of the rest of the population to put on mass; it just hasn't been THAT important to you.


nothing but the cold, hard, blunt truth from Stu


Hard gainers = under eaters. Plain and simple.