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Into 12-Week Test E Cycle, When to Use HCG?

So I’m 6 weeks into my 12 week test e cycle and I just heard about hcg. I read that it is good for pct and even better if you take it during cycle. Would it be beneficial to finish my cycle with it and use it for pct or should I just wait and use it in the pct.


not that im on this guys nutz or something but google this:

Dylan gemelli hcg you tube…and watch that.

look im no expert but you don’t need that shit at all…im running my 3rd cycle…and it looks like my go to cycle will be 12 weeks test e 600mg per week with a 25 mg 4 week long dbol kicker… I start the dbol at the beginning of week 3 now. I take adex 0.25 mg eod when on dbol, every 3rd when that’s over; proviron 25 to 50mg is an excellent option after the dbol and the pct is nolva with ostarine and carderine all for 4 weeks. this is a repeatable excellent cycle and pct I don’t know where you are in your cycle life but if your a beginner like me run that cycle a few times youll be absolutely thrilled and youll save all your money and avoid all the bs like hcg

HCG is not a PCT drug. If you take it during PCT you will hinder your recovery. You can take it before and all the way up to the start of PCT but not during.

Really since you are new to steroids I always recommend that your first few cycles are followed by a Nolvadex only PCT and then on a separate cycle run a clomid only PCT. See which one seems to work best for you and then stick with it. Eventually you might get to a point where you need more than just Nolvadex or clomid, at that point look at using HCG during the cycle to prevent shutdown. For the record just because you prevent shutdown it does not mean your body will kick the HTPA loop back on. It just means that you prevented shutdown. The key to PCT is to get our bodies to tell themselves to produce testosterone and of course produce testosterone.

Ultimately PCT is our attempt to get our bodies to produce our own “HCG” via the HTPA loop. SERMs are really the only thing you should use during PCT. The main two SERMs are Nolvadex and Clomid. All the other stuff is not needed and really just a waist of money. There is no secret compound that will allow you to continue to gain during PCT so don’t buy all that crap on those SARMS sights. The best you can hope for during PCT is to maintain as much muscle as possible and not gain fat, that’s it that is your best outcome, period. If you are just stubborn and have to have a secret PCT ingredient in the mix then look at clenbuterol. Clenbuterol has a anti catabolic effect for the first few weeks of use and it can help keep your metabolism high enough that you don’t gain too much fat.